Valentine's Day

What is Valentine's Day?

Also known as "Lovers' Day," it's a Christian holiday that was created to commemorate the good deeds done in Rome by a priest named Valentine. In the 3rd century, he challenged an order of Emperor Claudius II that prohibited young people from getting married by holding weddings in secret. As a result, over time, he become the patron saint of lovers.

When is Valentine's Day?

Valentine was executed on February 14, 270. A short time later, and thanks to Pope Gelasius I, this date became known as Valentine's Day, and was included in the traditional liturgical calendar and celebrated over the next 15 centuries. In 1969, it was removed from the calendar by the Second Vatican Council, although its spirit was already imbued in society.

Valentine's Day gifts and promotions

Many kinds of gifts are given on Valentine's Day to show affection for a loved one. From flowers, one of the most typical gifts, alongside chocolate, to trips, clothing, accessories and technology, it's a big shopping day for people of all ages.

How can I finance my Valentine's Day purchases?

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