February 14

Valentine's Day

Celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14.

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Valentine's Day is a Christian holiday that commemorates the priest St. Valentine of Rome. Legend has it that, in 3rd-century Rome, Emperor Claudius II prohibited young people from getting married because unmarried men with no emotional bonds made better soldiers.

The priest St. Valentine ignored the order and devoted himself to secretly marrying soldiers in love. Upon hearing of this, the emperor sentenced the priest to death on February 14.

Other important dates

  • Father's Day is a celebration or homage dedicated to fathers. In general, the European Catholic tradition commemorates it on March 19, the feast of St. Joseph, Jesus's adoptive father.
  • Mother's Day is the date when mothers from all over the world are honored. In Spain, it's observed on the first Sunday in May, although it's generally celebrated on the second Sunday of this month.
  • The UN General Assembly (UN) ruled in April 2017 that the International Day of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will be held on June 27.