Where can I pay with my cell phone?

How to make payments with your smartphone.

It's very common these days not to carry a wallet around. Because of this, many users rely on smartphones as the perfect solution to replace bills, coins and cards, thus making it easier to pay for purchases.

But how can I be sure that I'll be able to pay with my smartphone? Follow these simple steps. It's very easy and you can be sure there won't be any hassles:

  1. When going into the store/restaurant or other establishment where you are going to make a purchase, it's important to see if it accepts cards from the same company that issued your cards. BBVA works with VISA and Mastercard.
  2. Ask the cashier if the store's payment terminal uses contactless or NFC technology. If you prefer, you can also ask if you can pay with your smartphone directly, as many store assistants are trained and ready to handle this request.
  3. Remember that in some establishments there is a minimum purchase amount when paying with a card. The same rule applies when paying with a smartphone, so be sure to ask ahead of time to avoid surprises.
  4. Although it's not required, some stores insist on seeing your DNI/NIE (or passport). In theory, this is not necessary since each purchase requires you to enter your PIN into the payment terminal, which is valid for securely signing for the transaction and for identifying the card holder.