Types of credit cards

We'll tell you what types of credit cards there are and their main features.
When speaking of different types of bank cards, there may be confusion about what is and what isn't a credit card. In short, a credit card is any card that enables you to use credit. This means that if you own one of these types of cards, you can make payments or get money--up to a certain limit--without needing to have the funds in your bank account at that exact time. That is the main difference between credit and debit cards. As such, you can make purchases and get services on the spot with the benefit of deferring payment.
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There are different types of credit cards based on repayment methods, card issuers, and different benefits and features. Check out which cards are the most common ones on the market.

Credit card by payment

A credit card's main feature is payment facilitation, making money available in advance so the customer can defer repayment. There are two different ways of repaying the credit used:
  • Credit card: the customer repays the money the following month and does not pay any kind of interest on the available credit but does pay interest on cash withdrawals. Typically, repayment must take place within the first 5 days of the following month. There is also the option of deferring payment (with interest).
  • Revolving or partial-payment card: with this type of credit card, payment is deferred for all purchases (with interest). The customer can choose how to repay the funds: as a percentage of the balance or by making a fixed monthly payment. In either case, deferral interest is included
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Credit card by card issuer

Even though all credit cards are linked to a bank, not all are issued by banks.

  • Universal credit cards: cards issued by banks themselves which operate under the VISA or Mastercard brand and can be used in all establishments that support the brand.
  • Personal credit cards: cards issued by a financial institution that can only be used in a limited network of establishments.
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