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The bank cards already are part of daily life of the majority of the users. This method fee-paying emphasizes for be a way comfortable and practice of operate, that deletes the need of take always effective in the portfolio. In recent years, this product financial has built in moreover the technology NFC for expedite even more the transactions with card. If want know the characteristics of the cards NFC and in what differentiate of other systems previous, follows reading.
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What are the cards NFC?

Are credit cards, debit and prepay that have contactlesstechnology. This characterizes for be able to establish an interaction among two devices without contact, that is, without need of introduce the card in a slot or happen it for the reader of magnetic bands .

Your acronyms come of the name that receives this technology in English: Near Field Communication, that in Spanish means “communication of field close”. This system establishes a connection bidirectional wireless through induction electromagnetic. Is an interaction that is practically snapshot and that only happens between devices next, which does that the use of cards NFC is slightly different than that one of the cards conventional.

In what differentiate the cards NFC?

To simple view, not seem different than other models previous. These cards keep the same aspect, since your technology also requires a chip for establish the connection. However, the presence of this new technology contactless supposes certain differences when use it.

Unlike the cards conventional, the cards NFC can use so much in ATMs as in TPVs without need of be introduced in the slot. Your reading achieves simply placing it on the contactlessreader, easily recognizable graces your icon identifying. In the datáfonos, this reader is in the screen whereas the ATMs have a plate together with the screen or the keyboard. Is basic remember that, so that the transaction takes place, the distance among reader and card must be lower than three centimeters.

Your reading is immediate, so not is necessary expect right up to the end of the operation for save the card. Once the pilots of the reader light and this issues a sound pointing out that the reading has been correct, the card can withdraw.

The confirmation of the operations carried out with cards NFC in datáfonos also is different of the one which require other formats of card, since the payments lower than 20 euros not need be validated with the PIN NUMBER . Nevertheless, because of security, yes that there is a limit of operations that can carry out without introduce it. Likewise, some companies allow set up the card so that all the operations request the confirmation with the PIN NUMBER, regardless of the amount of the same.

In spite of these differences, the contactless cards also can use as the cards conventional, so really only add a more comfortable and fast alternative to the operation traditional.

Operations available with the cards NFC

These offer to the users all the benefits specific to a bank card . This technology applies to credit cards, debit and prepay, so the user can carry out the same operations that is accustomed to carry out with these methods fee-paying. With the contactless technology can carry out all kind of purchases, so much online as physics, and operate in ATMs and banking organizations . The majority of shops and companies already have built in this fee-based system, but even in those in which not is available, these cards can use of the way conventional.

Moreover, a novelty that has introduced this technology is the payment over the telephone cell phone. The contactless technology also is compatible with the cell phones, so many banking organizations or developer have profited this possibility for create applications that offer an option fee-paying additional to your customers. Thanks to these app, the users can register your cards and use your cell phone for pay amounts placing it on the reader. This way, not even is necessary take out the card of the portfolio for operate with her.

Advantages of the cards NFC

Your use is generalizing thanks to the several advantages that gives. The majority of the users already are aware of that the contactless technology expedites the transactions with card, so any operation is faster and comfortable.

Likewise, is a technology simple to the one which is easy adapt. Although there are minor differences in the use of these cards, your operation is very intuitive and not supposes no difficulty for users accustomed to operate with bank cards . On the other hand, the technology NFC simplifies really the use of the card.

Last of all, one of the main advantages of this system is the security. The development of this new technology owes precisely to the desire of protect even more the transactions with card, so much from a technical point of view as practical. On the one hand, the technical characteristics of the card, as well as the proximity necessary to establish the interaction, delete the risk of that happen errors in the reading and of that operates without authorization of the account holder. On the other hand, the speed of reading does that the user barely has to take out your card during some minutes, which reduces also the possibility of theft or loss.

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In BBVA considered the innovation as tool for improve the experience of our customers. For this reason, add to our products all the technological progress that suppose advantages for the users, as is the case of the technology NFC. All our cards have this technology for operate without contact. Looks for in or visit any of our offices for know our range of cards and choose the one which more adapts to your needs.
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