How revolving cards work

We'll show you the characteristics of a revolving card and explain how these cards are used.
A revolving card is a type of credit card in which all the purchases or cash withdrawals made with it are automatically deferred. This way, the card user can make payments on these purchases in comfortable installments.
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As with any credit card, you can make payments whether or not you have money in the associated account, since purchases are not immediately charged to the account, but instead are deferred.

Conventional credit cards allow you to repay everything the following month (without interest), or to defer payments and set up installments (with interest). Revolving cards only allow you to defer payments for installments determined by the card user, which carry interest as specified in the card contract.

When repaying the credit used with a revolving card, the user has two options:

  • Paying a percentage: the customer chooses the percentage of the current total to repay each month, always within a certain range, which varies based on the card and the bank through which the card was granted. For example, BBVA's A Tu Ritmo card allows the user to choose to repay between 3% and 25% each month.
  • Fixed payment: the customer pays a fixed rate, also within a certain range depending on the terms and conditions of the revolving card. Going back to the previous example, with the BBVA A tu Ritmo Card, these limits are between €20 and €200.

With both options, the repayment amount includes both the interest and corresponding fees.

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Besides facilitate the credit repayment willing, the cards revolving also have the advantages specific to the credit cards conventional, as insurance or discounts, depending on the card contracted.

If need more information on cards revolving, can come to any BBVA branch. Our managers you help in what need.

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