Find out about the characteristics of BBVA's ATM network

BBVA has one of the European banking sector's most extensive, functional and modern ATM networks.

BBVA has an extensive ATM network that is available to all its customers. In addition to its customer service branches, which offer their own cash withdrawal services, BBVA has ATMs that offer multiple bank transactions. Cash withdrawals, deposits, card blocking, etc. There are as many options as the number of ATMs BBVA has to cover its customers' needs.

Where are BBVA's ATMs located? Up and down 17 autonomous regions in Spain, and Ceuta and Melilla, you are highly likely to find one of the terminals that form the BBVA ATM network. The bank has a network of more than 6,000 ATMs within Spain, which means it covers almost all the country. Likewise, ATM 4.0, which is our IT system built into all BBVA ATMs, provides users with an intuitive, simple and above all swift process.

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Features available using BBVA network ATMs

  • Cash withdrawals and deposits.
  • View balances and account transactions.
  • Card blocking in the event of theft or loss.
  • National and international bank transfers.
  • Cell phone top-ups.
  • A wide range of payments and reimbursements.

Thanks to agile methodologies and focus groups, BBVA ATMs will offer you the possibility of more easily accessing the most frequent transactions you make. This intuitive system aims to provide a browsing experience that is as quick and effective as the experience offered by BBVA's website, or even its App. The ultimate aim is to enable BBVA's ATM network to effectively be an extension of the virtual methods you use to perform transactions.

Similarly, the technology contributed by Wincor Nixdorf, in collaboration with BBVA, is a major revolution in paying in deposits. It enables customers to deposit funds using public machines at any time and manages them using an innovative bank note recycling process. the system coordinates cash deposits and withdrawals. This practically ensures that ATMs will be able to issue cash at any time, no matter where they are. BBVA ATMs reuse deposited bills for cash withdrawals. They also let you choose what type of bill you want.

Access to BBVA ATMs

As ATMs, the website and the App all share an increasingly intuitive and common interface, users will not find it difficult to figure out how to access both their account and BBVA's different operational services.

In the same way that web access requires only a log in and a password, at ATMs you can do the same, meaning that you do not have to worry about leaving your card at home. Likewise, you still have the option of logging in the traditional way, with a bank card, although in this case NFC technology is important. This contactless system enables user data to be synchronized with the transactions available via ATM without having to enter a card. All you have to do is place your card near to the reader. This will save you time that you can surely put to use elsewhere.

ABIL and BBVA Fast Track ATMs

If what you want is to save time, the new BBVA ABIL and Fast Track models are unbeatable. BBVA's ATM network includes these new terminals that are at the cutting edge of banking sector innovation.

ABIL is a smart ATM with a touch screen, designed to stop other people from seeing what you do while you do it. You can use them to perform the most frequently requested features, such as cash withdrawals and deposits, bill payments and transfers. It also provides information about other nearby ATMs, the weather and stock market news. Fast Track ATMs are an even simpler and more minimalist version of the ABIL, since they have only the necessary buttons to withdraw cash. They do not even issue paper receipts, just via SMS, email or social media.

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Find your nearest ATMs and branches

The best way to access all the perks provided by BBVA ATMs is to use the bank's locator. "Locate your BBVA branch or ATM" is the online tool you can find on the website which allows you to find out the precise location of the nearest ATM to where you are.

If you enter a zip code, city or address, the locator will show you a map of all available access points and will indicate how far away they are. You can enter a preference for a branch or conventional ATM and check the opening hours of a particular branch and what type of customer they serve, i.e. individuals, companies, institutions, etc.

Last of all, let's not forget that BBVA's ATMs are compatible with all kinds of bank cards, and allow cash withdrawals even if you belong to another branch. The versatility of BBVA's ATMs reflects the bank's commitment to both its customers and other individuals who trust it.

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