How to cancel a credit card

The process is simple, but it's important to follow all the steps to avoid expenses and fees.

A credit card is extremely useful as a financial instrument. However, under certain circumstances, it may be necessary to cancel it: it may have been lost or stolen, or the terms may no longer be attractive, or you may no longer need to use it, etc. It's easier to cancel a credit card than you might think. However, to make sure the card does not continue to generate interest if it has not been properly deactivated, it is important to know the correct cancellation procedure.

There are various reasons why you may want to cancel a card, and depending upon your reason, the procedure you must use to cancel the card will be different. Below we will explain what you should do in each case, based upon your own reason for cancellation.

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How to cancel a credit card

To cancel a credit card, the holder must follow a series of steps. If you do not follow the correct procedure, the card will not be cancelled successfully and it will continue to generate the usual fees and interest.

To cancel a card, the available balance must be at zero with no transactions in favor or against. Otherwise, the card will continue to generate costs, even if the balance is very small. Once the card balance is zero, you must notify the bank that you wish to cancel the card by phone, in writing or by any other means specified in the contract.

Once the bank has confirmed that the card balance is at zero, it will start the cancellation process. Finally, you must take the card itself into a branch, after which you will receive a cancellation receipt.

How to cancel a card if it is lost or stolen

If you are forced to cancel your card because it has been lost or stolen, the procedure to be followed is different from the one described above in the case of a voluntary cancellation.

The first thing be turn off the card, what be able to do with a single click and in a second with the functionality of 'Turns off and Turns on your Cards' of our Banking Online. Thus nobody be able to do nothing with them. After this, have other on the website specified ways of Are the following ones.

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In the event of theft is basic block the card for fear that can be used and, thus, is impossible take out carry out any operation with her. All our customers can carry out this management through, of BBVA's app Spain, calling on the phone to the line willing for BBVA or in any of our offices. Once a card has been blocked, the account holder will receive a new card. This card will have a different number on the front of it, but the same contract and PIN from the stolen card will remain valid.

It is also important to remember that if your card is stolen, in addition to blocking the card you must report the theft to the local police, since your bank may ask for the corresponding police report at any time.

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