Characteristics of health insurance policies without co-payments

This type of health insurance is especially useful for those who must make frequent use of medical services

When choosing a health insurance policy, there are several factors to consider: the medical staff that the policy will provide access to, including the hospitals and clinics you can visit, the possibility of including dental coverage, etc. One of the most important factors, however, is whether or not the insurance policy requires co-payments.

This is important because co-payments affect how much you will end up paying for your health coverage. While health insurance policies with co-payments require the payment of the small amount of money each time you visit the doctor, policies without co-payments charge a fixed amount per month or per year, regardless of the number of times you need to receive health care services under your coverage.

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This is the main feature of health insurance policies without co-payments and what makes them so appealing to people who use health care services on a regular basis. However, this type of insurance also offers a whole range of other advantages, which we will summarize below:

  • Shorter wait times: one of the main characteristics of private health insurance plans is that the wait times required in order to see a health care professional are much shorter. Furthermore, with this type of health insurance the patient can make an appointment to see a specialist directly, without requiring a referral from a primary care physician.
  • Schedules adapted to the user: as a complement to the flexibility offered when choosing a physician, it is also worth mentioning that the schedules available for receiving the services provided by private health insurance plans are adapted to the user. This gives the policyholder more freedom, both at the time of scheduling a medical visit and when some sort of diagnostic testing is required.
  • Ability to select a physician: Another advantage seen with private health insurance is that users can choose the doctor they want to see, selected from the medical staff that the insurance company makes available. Some insurers even make it possible for patients to see a doctor who is not affiliated with their insurance plan, with the cost of the visit being reimbursed afterwards.
  • Second opinion: another very interesting characteristic of this type of health insurance is that patients are allowed to seek a second opinion about their diagnosis or treatment plan. This means that if a patient does not feel completely satisfied, or wants to receive additional confirmation about a diagnosis, it is always possible to get a second professional opinion.
  • Comfortable hospital stays: one of the defining features of the health care services offered by private health insurance plans is the higher comfort level offered to patients and their family members at hospitals and clinics. For example, patients are usually given their own private room.
  • It is also possible to take out a range of optional coverage add-ons depending on the needs of each user. These include the reimbursement of pharmacy, optician and alternative medicine fees, family assistance programs (providing professional day-to-day help in the event of an unexpected problem, such as being hospitalized. This assistance may cover care for the elderly, children, and disabled people, help with household chores, delivery of medication, and pet care). In addition, policyholders can access certain digital add-ons (e.g., video consultations for certain medical specialties) and other health promotion services, including nutrition, psychology, home delivery of medication, and analytical testing at home.
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In terms of costs, health insurance policies without co-payments tend to have higher premiums than those that do require co-payments. However, those who decide to purchase a health insurance policy without co-payments can avoid the unexpected economic costs that a co-payment can represent when the policy is used, and they will always know exactly how much their annual insurance premium will cost in advance, regardless of how many times they will actually go to the doctor or require other forms of treatment.

Moreover, there are services that allow you to save by grouping together different insurance policies, such as the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan. By joining this plan, you can achieve savings of up to 15% across all your insurance policies, as well as obtaining other benefits such as the possibility to pay month by month without any surcharges.

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