What situations do accident insurance policies cover?

Have you considered what might happen if you had an accident tomorrow that stopped you from working?

In addition to conventional life insurance, there is also accident insurance; you won't avoid the consequences of an unforeseen event by taking out a policy, but if one does happen, it can help make it as manageable as possible.

To properly understand the purpose of this product, read the following article on what accident insurance is, what it covers, and how you can get one.

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The frequency of accidents

Although it may seem hard to believe, genuine dramas often occur following unforeseeable accidents: a bad fall from a stool, an unfortunate cut, or simply poor focus can trigger an unfortunate event. Interestingly, sometimes these cases are not covered by life insurance, so it is worth taking a moment to consider everything that can happen due to an accident and how to protect yourself against it all.

There are many preventive measures you can take! Accidents are precisely that: unforeseeable events. These injuries are usually measured on a scale that begins with degrees of disability (temporary or permanent) and extends to death.

As regards the setting, and since most accidents today occur in the workplace, it is very important to take into account what the insurance policy covers when signing a contract.

However, although a significant portion of accidents occur in the workplace, there are many others that occur at home. These do not necessarily have to happen during risky activities; some simple day-to-day tasks can result in an accident: from a slip in the bathtub or on a wet floor to injuries in the kitchen or even seemingly harmless leisure or sport activities. All can cause irreparable damage.

The purpose of accident insurance

An accident insurance policy protects you from the financial consequences arising from the ever-present risk of accidents, and it complements your protection and your family's protection in both the private and professional spheres.
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BBVA Family Protection Insurance offers the most comprehensive coverage, both for death and all other matters relating to services and healthcare for the insured person who has suffered an accident, such as: 

  • Benefit for Death due to any accident, including a traffic accident. 
  • Benefit for Death of the Policyholder's spouse in an accident, including a traffic accident, in which the policyholder also passed away. 
  • Absolute Permanent Disability due to accident. 
  • Medical expenses to handle the consequences of the accident. 
  • Daily Compensation for an accident. 
  • Home care following an accident. 
  • On-site psychologist
  • Legal defense following an accident. 
  • Second opinion following permanent disability due to accident. 
  • Fixed capital of €100,000 regardless of age or sex. 

BBVA Family Protection Insurance is an option that, should you suffer a decrease in your income or an increase in expenses due to an accident, will help you temporarily to cope with this new situation affecting your personal life and employment. It is also compatible with other life insurance policies held by the policyholder.

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