What does travel health insurance cover?

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Globalization and lower air ticket prices have led to an exponential increase in international travel in recent decades. Apart from logistical considerations such as accommodation, visas, or itineraries, this type of travel requires specific planning with regard to aspects such as medical services. In this sense, international travel health insurance has positioned itself as the most reliable option for guaranteeing the healthcare of its beneficiaries while abroad. If you still don't know the advantages and coverages offered by international travel insurance, read on.
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What is travel health insurance?

International travel health insurance is an insurance product designed to provide medical assistance and coverage to the beneficiary during their stays abroad. Unlike other travel policies, where coverage is limited to a certain geographical area, these policies typically do not have these types of limitations. Nevertheless, this depends on each insurer.

International travel health insurance features coverages for healthcare-related issues. In general terms, this type of product assumes the expenses derived from the medical care received by the beneficiary in the event of illness or accident abroad, from consultations to specific medications or treatments. Apart from this basic coverage, most insurers offer the option taking out additional coverages for other contingencies related to physical integrity, such as repatriation in the event of death or serious illness or emergency evacuation.

Although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly recommends taking out this type of policy when traveling abroad, travel medical insurance requirements are not mandatory when accessing other countries, except in some exceptional cases. As such, we advise consulting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Advantages of health insurance for international travel

Health systems and services function differently and have varying conditions depending on the policies of each country. Thus, services that do not incur costs in a given territory may require the payment of large sums of money in another. Accordingly, taking out travel health insurance guarantees access to medical care, regardless of what country the beneficiary is in and how much money he or she has with them at the time. Purchasing a policy means savings in the long term, since in some countries the cost of a simple consultation can easily exceed the price of the insurance.

In addition, health insurance policies for international travel typically include unlimited 24-hour hotlines that give policyholders all the practical information on the nearest medical centers they can go to where they can be helped in the language of their choice.

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Lastly, one of the greatest advantages of international travel medical insurance is the option of adapting the duration of the policy to the needs of the beneficiary. This way, future insured persons can choose to take out the policy indefinitely or only for the time they will spend abroad. Similarly, most insurers have some flexibility in terms of coverage, offering users the option to add or exclude those they deem appropriate.

If you are going to travel abroad and you are looking for insurance that offers you peace of mind and protection, we have the solution at BBVA. BBVA Travel Insurance not only provides coverage for healthcare and expenses related to medical attention while abroad, but it also offers compensation in the event of lost, damaged, or stolen luggage, or if your trip is delayed. Furthermore, as this is an annual insurance policy, it does not have any limitations with respect to the number of trips you make during that year. Visit bbva.es and discover the best way to travel protected.

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