What is the ASNEF and how does it influence the granting of a loan

In Spain there are several lists of debtors, which affect whether or not a loan is granted.

The Spanish acronym ASNEF stands for the National Association of Financial Credit Institutions. This is one of the largest registers of debt defaults in Spain. Appearing on this list will therefore make it very difficult to convince a bank to trust you with the granting of a loan, credit facility, mortgage, etc. In fact, it will make it almost impossible to gain access to financing. Now we will explain how this file works and discuss some alternatives for getting yourself removed from it.

The ASNEF is a database that is regularly consulted by banks as part of their research into a customer's profile before deciding whether to lend money, offer a credit card, etc. Although it is not the only file of this type – the Unpaid Receivables Register (RAI in Spanish) is another – it is one of the most relevant and it is used as a decision-making tool by most banks in Spain.

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Even an unpaid phone bill or gas bill may be enough to cause the company providing the service to decide to add their customer to this list. However, a consumer must be notified of their inclusion on the list within 30 days after it occurs.

At that point a 10-day grace period begins, during which the consumer can choose to pay the debt in question. Otherwise, the consumer will be officially added to the default list for a period of 6 years. If this happens, the consumer's ability to contract services, whether banking services or those of any other type, will be drastically reduced.

What to do if you are added to the ASNEF list

What usually happens is that before a customer's information is added to the ASNEF list, a notification letter is sent. At that point there are various ways to resolve the situation: you can either pay the debt in question; or you can request deletion of your information if:

  • You were not notified by mail about addition of your information to this list.
  • The debt does not belong to you, or it cannot be demonstrated that it belongs to you.
  • You already paid off the debt before addition of your information to this file.
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To start the process of being removed from the list, the typical procedure is to go to your bank (even if it is not the bank that added you to the list), or if you do not have a bank, visit the ASNEF website, where the procedure is explained in detail and the corresponding forms are provided.

Furthermore, if you are on the ASNEF list, you have the right to request information about the company that added you to the list, the amount they claim you owe, and the date on which your information was added to the list.

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