Fingerprint: the new protection for your mobile operations

Discovers how set up your mobile devices for authenticate your operations using the biometrics.

Until does some years, what is usual to the validate any bank transaction was include a PIN or a password alphanumeric. Two alternatives that resulted easy of forget on the part of the user and that, moreover, not guaranteed the security that this sued for avoid bitter pills in the shape of theft, fraud, etc.  

Today, and thanks to the application of the new technologies in the banking sector, has given a step forward when strengthen this authentication. And has fact taking as reference those values only and nontransferable of the human being as, for example, the fingerprint , harder to steal. Your use guarantees a great protection in so routine stock as the unblock of the telephone or the opening of applications. Additionally in the included in our operations banking, allowing the confirmation of any payment in a sure way, among others many.

In this item want explain you the benefits of your use, as well as that one of other options ‘biométricas’ as the face or the iris.

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Fingerprint as guarantee of maximum security

The daily operations of any customer includes multiple processes that carries out, more and more, through Internet. The great majority of they usually require of a last validation on the other hand, that is, need be authenticated so that execute.

As have the above-mentioned previously, the options more common are the PIN or the alphanumeric password, which not end of offer that reliability that so much requests the consumer 3.0 with regard to security. If it does the fingerprint, or other options that offers the biometrics, based on aspects that are hardly sustraibles to the be inherent of each person.

The ultimate goal of all of them, and of your application, is that the customer operates in an environment protégé. Guarantee that not is object of thefts in your frauds accounts nor casualty in your details. Something that, to this day, generates a certain sensibility and you takes carry out the procedures for more traditional ways and that you result more familiar.


Set up it in the cell phone

If want use the fingerprint, previously owe set up it in your device (which owes be adapted for this) and/or in your app of BBVA. In the case of have it already activated in the first, you advise that do what is own in the second. 

Is very easy. Is enough with that enter the section of Security and Privacy, where they are the different ones ‘Métodos of Acceso’ available (between they, the fingerprint). Once inside, only you be do your enrollment and confirm that is that the one which wish use clicking in the text message that later you send. An extra measure of security similar to the one which use, for example, in the transfers.

Recognition facial, the next step

The fingerprint is the biometric option of great implementation nowadays, although not is the only one. BBVA, for example, offers to your customers the authentication for recognition facial. The simple fact of show your face you allows carry out any payment in your headquarters from Madrid, in which pay any consumption requires of watch ones few second to chamber. 

Additionally has validation for iris using Samsung Pass. This is, maybe, the solution safer of all the existing ones since every iris is different, fact that it does impossible of duplicate.

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The biometrics, password in the new regulations PSD2

The application of any of the options mentioned in the banking sector not has eliminated to your predecessors. Actually, the unification of all of them is the base of the new regulations PSD2, whose objective is strengthen the security in the market of the online payments.

For achieve it, has terms of safety great tax among which includes the SCA (or doubles factor of authentication) in which is necessary, for carry out determined operations fee-paying, introduce at least 2 of 3 factors of authentication, that owe be independent between if and the use of one not compromises the reliability of the other. These are: knowledge, that is, something that the customer knows (as the password or the PIN), possession, that is, something that the customer has (such as your cell phone) and inherence or something that the customer is, such as your fingerprint. Maximum security in some purchases online more and more ingrained among the consumers of the twenty-first CENTURY.

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