BBVA Financial Aggregator: thus uses

Discovers how use the service of aggregation of BBVA, that you allows gather all your finances in one place.
During the last two decades, the relationship between the consumers and the banking institutions has gone moving towards the digital environment. The users feel more and more comfortable with the new technologies financial to the offer these, among others many advantages, the possibility of manage comfortably all your finances without leave home through a functionality: the financial aggregator.
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Financial aggregator
Unifies all your finances and have a total control of your economy from the cell phone.

What is BBVA Financial Aggregator?

Is a tool that allows group the products banking that have contracted (of the banks available in this service) and visualize them of more effective way through the cell phone and from anywhere. This guarantees a control of the finances to the have all the information of the accounts, cards or products financial and with an update daily of these details.

This happens in an automatic way or, also, when the customer it requires (without limits). If the details requested in BBVA Financial Aggregator are of the accounts fee-paying, the channels that revert the information to BBVA's app are anyone who adapt to the standards of regulated security by the new directive PSD2. Something that not happens with the rest of products, which keep the procedure usual.

Requests a transfer

Moreover, now from BBVA Financial Aggregator can request to the banks of the accounts that have attachés that execute a transfer, good to accounts in which are account holder in BBVA (or in other companies) or to accounts of other people. BBVA Financial Aggregator you redirect to the website of your other bank so that can introduce the passwords of usual operations when do transfers with him.


In both cases, and as is distinctive in BBVA, the security that gives to the user is maximum. So much the credentials (user and password) as the details of the products of the company issuer receive the same treatment that those ones of our own customers, what guarantees the use of all the means at the disposal of BBVA for keep them to except for.
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Want control your economy from the cell phone?
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As uses BBVA Financial Aggregator

The tool can be used by any of our customers so much from BBVA's app as through our website. If settle on the first, and after install it, owe activate the service and, from him, access ‘posición global’ and the option ‘tus other bancos’. Be from this moment on when started to add the companies wished, introducing the user and the password used usually in each of them. If choose the second, the process of aggregation be the same one after do login in In both, and as good have remarked previously, the details protect on a par with the well-proportioned ones for BBVA's users.