Manages your passwords in a sure way

Discovers the best way of protect your credentials banking.

Your passwords always sure with BBVA

BBVA puts at your disposal all the means within reach for guarantee the security in the operations through a system of Passwords Sure. And is that is important that passwords as the PIN of your card or the password of access to, which are private, are guarded in a sure way. They are stored in our internal systems using non-reversible encryption, so that nobody at BBVA can know them.

Additionally owe know that BBVA not you request your credentials of by e-mail or for text message. For this reason, in the event that receive a message of this kind, please, not facilitate the information for these channels. 

Last of all, is good that know that the web browsers offer the possibility of save the users and passwords of the websites that the require. From BBVA you recommend not save never the access passwords to our service of Distance banking in a computer or tablet, since can be object of computer attacks, being these exposed ones.

BBVA recommendations

Lee the next recommendations for protect properly your passwords:

  • Uses passwords complex and difficult of find out that contain upper cases, minuscules and numbers interspersed.
  • The passwords are secret, not the share with nobody and change them in a periodicalway.
  • Not jottings your password in pósits or notebooks; memorize it or use specialist password managers.
  • In computers shared or connected to nets wifi public not introduce your credentials of access nor facilitate personal details, as postal address, telephone, etc.
  • Provided that is possible is recommendable activate the authentication in two steps in the services that it allow. Besides your password of access, request another type of identification (for example, a code sent to the cell phone). This system adds an extra layer of security for the account.
  • In the event of receive a text message of confirmation of an operation that not have carried out, contacts BBVA in the 91 224 94 26 for inform of that is producing an operation without your consent.