BBVA Pension Plan Comparison

Select the one that best suits your needs

The BBVA Pension Plan comparison tool allows customers to choose the best option, offering detailed information relating to the wide range of products on offer (such as the minimum investment, the net asset value of each share of the plan, the risk profile, the evolution of yield, the types of asset in which it invests, the fees and the historical data). By comparing different pensions, you will obtain information about the different types of plans based on the assets classes invested in, with a constant focus on return so that customers can build up savings for their retirement.

BBVA plans can be: short and long-term fixed income (with a low risk horizon and theoretical return), mixed fixed-income (fixed income and equity investment, with a maximum of 30% of the plan in the latter case), and of equities (they mainly invest in shares, with a higher yield potential and a greater associated risk). There are also mixed equities pension plans (they combine equities, between 30% and 75% of the investment, with fixed income). Furthermore, other types of plans include guaranteed plans which guarantee that the policyholder recovers the total amount of the invested capital at maturity, thereby offering a very low risk. Being able to compare different pension plans is the best way to obtain the most detailed information to make the best investment decision.