Request foreign currency from the app

You can now order foreign currency on your mobile

Request the currency exchange from your mobile or at

Save time when exchanging currencies on your mobile and avoid unnecessary travel to your BBVA branch.
  • Complete the process in a few minutes.
  • Bank quickly and easily. 
  • Request the currency you need anytime, anywhere.

How does it work?

  • Need to exchange currency and don't have time to go to the bank? Now you can do it anytime and anywhere, without going to the bank and conveniently from your phone or at

    Access via your account or from your "Global Position". Then, follow these steps: 

    • Choose the option "Start banking".
    • Click on "Request foreign currency". 
    • Press on "Source" and decide which account you want to use

    Then, just select the amount, exchange to euros, the type of bills you want to receive and the BBVA branch where you want to collect your money (after locating it on a map). 

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Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app

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