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  • After the end of the first quarter of the year, the markets confirm their upward trend.
  • The fall in fixed income seems more an opportunity than a threat.
  • How to protect yourself against economic uncertainty.
  • After a strong year-end, 2024 kicks off with profit taking in the debt and equity markets.
  • We're bidding farewell to an eventful 2023 that was generally good for investors.
  • 04: 54

    Markets are recovering due to the belief that the current levels of long-term bond yields might be enough to curb inflation.
  • 05:12

    Our experts Álvaro Manteca, head of BBVA Private Banking strategy, and Roberto Hernanz, head of BBVA Private Banking Markets, will explain why checking the stock markets, as well your assets and investments, too frequently can be counterproductive when it comes to achieving your long-term financial goals.
  • 03:04

    We explain how you can avoid turbulence for investors in August.
  • 11:41

    Recession in sight? Rafael Doménech at BBVA Research gives us the key factors.
  • 04:52

    With interest rates practically the same for any fixed-income or bond investment period, many people are wondering: is it better to invest in the short term than in the long term?
  • 05:06

    Over the past few weeks, concerns about the US banking system have intensified. In the next podcast, we will analyze the reasons behind these fears and assess the likelihood of its spread.
  • 05:14

    Álvaro Manteca, head of BBVA Private Banking strategy, and Roberto Hernanz, head of BBVA Private Banking Markets, assess whether 2023 is likely to be another year to forget like 2022 or whether it will be feasible to build a profitable portfolio.

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