Correos Cash

Do you need cash? Use our new Correos Cash service.

A new solution that provides access to your money in cash

  • Easy and straightforward.
  • By requesting it through the app.
  • You can receive it at home or pick it up at any Correos post office.

What is Correos Cash?

  • We have made available for you Correos Cash, a service by means of which you can withdraw cash from your account whenever you need it at any of the Correos post offices or ask for it to be delivered to your home throughout the national territory, through the BBVA app.

    This is a new service available for individuals of legal age and who hold a BBVA account.

How do I request it?

  • If you are a BBVA customer and have downloaded our app, obtaining your cash is very simple:

    • Log in to the BBVA app.
    • Search for Correos Cash from among all the transactions you can carry out with your account or directly from the top menu.
    • Choose the account from which you want to withdraw cash, the type of delivery and the amount you need. At the time of the request, you will be charged the requested amount and a fee of €1.56, if requesting the withdrawal at a Correos post office, or €6.60, if requesting a home delivery (rates established for 2024). The rates are always available for you to see at
    Cash withdrawals at Correos post offices
    • Once the request is confirmed, a QR code with a reference number will be generated.
    • Show the QR code at any Correos post office along with a valid identification document. You will be able to withdraw your money within 7 calendar days of the request. After this period, the transaction will be cancelled and the amount and fee will be refunded.
    Home delivery of cash
    • Your cash will be delivered within 3 business days from the date that Correos accepts your request. On the same day, Correos will inform you via SMS.
    • When receiving it at your home, show a valid identification document associated with the request so you can be handed over the cash.
    • If you are not at home at the time of delivery, you can collect the amount from any Correos post office on the following business day (except for rural offices).


    If you have any queries, you can find more information in our app or call the BBVA Helpline (900 102 801).

Which Correos post offices provide the Correos Cash service?

Correos has rural service points and offices (rural offices).

Rural service points (rural offices) may not always have cash, so you must reserve it in advance at these service points to have it available.

Check the location of the rural service points and their opening times at the Correos website.

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