Direct deposit your paycheck and income with BBVA

Direct deposit your paycheck or income with BBVA

We'll help you bring your paycheck, pension, benefits or any type of income.

Bring your income to BBVA

Tell us if you want to direct deposit your paycheck or what income you want to bring.

Do it quickly and easily.

  • This service is completely free.
  • We will help you with the process.
  • And without having to talk to your other bank.

What is Bring your income to BBVA?

  • It's direct depositing your paycheck and income into the BBVA account you choose. We'll help you change your direct deposit account.
    Paycheck or other recurring income

    We will create a document to inform the payer, company or individual of the change in direct deposit, and we will contact them to request the change. Or if you prefer, you can contact the payer directly.


    Pension and benefits

    We'll give you the documents and tell you the steps to inform the official bodies of the change in direct deposit.

    Video tutorial Direct deposit your paycheck or pension into your BBVA account

Why would you want to transfer everything to BBVA?

Enjoy all the advantages we offer:

  • Because you'll get better conditions on loans and mortgages
  • You'll receive your paycheck on the day you want*
  • And you will be assisted by an adviser in your BBVA app**

Bring your paycheck and income today

And start enjoying all the advantages that BBVA has to offer

Associated features

  • We will take care of bringing to BBVA any periodic transfers, bills and deposits you have in another bank. And if you wish, you can also close the account and transfer its balance.
  • We will ask, on your behalf, the issuers of your direct debited bills (water, gas, telephone, internet, etc.) to change the direct debit account. to your new BBVA account.
  • Quickly calculate your gross and net salary, the corresponding withholdings or the amount of your paychecks (monthly and extra).

Would you like more information?

*Advance of a single paycheck, maximum €5,000, 1 to 6 month term. Subject to approval by BBVA. Example: €1,500 loan, 6-month term, €20 commitment fee, 0% NIR, 5.50% APR (postal expenses have been taken into account when calculating the APR: €0.55/month). Total debited amount: €1,523.3. Loans subject to approval from BBVA. Full terms and conditions at
**In-app assistance from an adviser when you direct deposit a paycheck, pension or other recurring income for more than €1,200 a month.