Find out about how to reduce your carbon footprint

With simple actions, you can make your way of consuming energy more environmentally friendly.

Consume local, seasonal products

You would make your food consumption more sustainable.

How can I plan my menu well?

When shopping, we also generate emissions. Most of them come from the transport of products from the place where they have been grown or produced, as well as from their conservation in cold stores

Consider these ideas when planning your menu: 

  • Check the origin of the food you eat, as transporting it over long distances produces a large amount of emissions.
  • Make sure they are seasonal, as keeping them in a cold store or producing them in greenhouses increases their emissions and can diminish their properties.
  • Whenever possible, shop at businesses near your home to avoid using the car. Also, check if they have policies against wasting product.
  • Buy only what you need and try not to waste food

By taking these considerations into account, your consumption habits will be more socially and environmentally responsible. You will also contribute to improving the local economy.

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