VIPS Discounts

10% discount

Any time is the right time to enjoy a tasty VIPS menu with your loved ones. And if you have a discount on all your meals, it'll taste even better.


How to enjoy these offers, promotions and discounts?

  • 1. Create your username

    If you are not a customer and do not have a BBVA username, register to create your username, free of charge and with no strings attached.
  • 2. Choose your offer

    Go to from your cell phone or go to the BBVA app and select your offer from the Promotions and Discounts menu. 
  • 3. Activate it

    Follow the steps indicated in each offer to start enjoying it.

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Discover all the deals on restaurants

  • Craving pizza? Pick up your medium pizza for just €6 or get 2 delivered for just €17. Offer good from Monday to Friday.

    Check out the promotion on your phone at or in the app.



  • Enjoy a tasty pizza made to your liking, with your favorite ingredients. This discount is valid both in the restaurant and for takeout. 

    Access the promotion from your cell phone at or in the app.


  • Enjoy the normal or gluten-free menu, the set menu or the children's menu with this offer. Dishes for all tastes and for the whole family!

    Access the promotion from your cell phone at or in the app.


In addition, we include new discounts every month. Don't miss them!

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