Blue Monday

 The saddest day of the year

What is Blue Monday?

Blue Monday is the saddest day of the year, according to science. It was created in 2005 by Cliff Arnall, a psychology professor who taught at the University of Cardiff's School of Psychiatry. He stated, with no hesitation, that he had come up with the mathematical formula that would help determine the saddest day of the year. And what day was that? The third Monday in January. 

When is Blue Monday?

Blue Monday, as Professor Cliff Arnall's formula rightly stated, takes place on the third Monday in January. Why? Because it combines a number of negative factors: 

  • It's the worst day of the week, since it starts off the week.
  • Enough time has passed since the start of the year to set aside our New Year's resolutions.
  • People haven't gotten their January paycheck yet.
  • We start feeling the pressure of all the money spent at Christmastime. 
  • The weather is more rainy, and it's getting colder.

Why is it called Blue Monday?

Let's look at the two words in Blue Monday: 

  • There's Monday, which is the first day of the workweek
  • And then there's Blue, which is a term that is used to denote something that causes sadness or unhappiness

So, by combining both, we get what in Spanish is known as Lunes Triste.

Blue Monday deals

It's true that Blue Monday deals are not as numerous as those of other 'special days', such as Valentine's Day or 'Black Friday'. However, there are several brands, especially from the technology sector, that take advantage of this Blue Monday to offer their customers special deals through their websites in an effort to 'cheer them up on this saddest day of the year'.

How can I finance my Blue Monday purchases?

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