January 20

Blue Monday

The saddest day of the year.

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Blue Monday is the saddest day of the year because it brings together everything that can affect one's mood: the Christmas holidays are over, the cold winter lies ahead, there are Christmas bills to pay, the New Year's resolutions are already broken...

Other important dates

  • As opposed to Valentine's Day, Singles' Day celebrates the pride that many people feel for being single. This holiday was created by students from the University of Nanjing, China, and is now very popular in Spain.
  • Valentine's Day is a holiday to celebrate the love between couples and friends. Valentine's Day is observed on February 14 in almost every country.
  • Father's Day is a celebration or homage dedicated to fathers. In general, the European Catholic tradition commemorates it on March 19, the feast of St. Joseph, Jesus's adoptive father.