How can I change the limit for online money transfers?

We'll explain how to change the limit for online transfers.

The limits for online money transfers are set to ensure the client's safety; however, there are two ways to adjust them: at a BBVA branch or through the BBVA Contigo Adviser.

BBVA Branch

This is the most traditional method. You just have to go to your BBVA branch and request to increase your bank transfer limit.

BBVA Contigo Adviser

If you have a BBVA Contigo Adviser assigned, you can do all the usual banking operations and ask questions like you would at a branch, but online at or in the BBVA App.

You can use the normal channels of communication to ask your adviser to increase your transfer limit: “My conversations” (available at and in the BBVA app), by calling the BBVA Contigo service or by emailing them directly.