How do I log in to my BBVA Account?

We explain how to access the global position of your account and how to use your username and password.

What details do you need to access the global position of your account and how do your username and password work? BBVA lets you log in to your account from any device with an internet connection. Access all your BBVA Account information quickly and easily without needing to wait in line at a branch. 

In the home screen of your Private Area, you can access the following sections with a single click: 

  • My month: list of your monthly income and expenses 
  • Accounts: view your movements, available balance and other advanced options. 
  • Cards: information about your BBVA credit and debit card activity 
  • Other: information about investment plans, savings plans, insurance, etc.


What login information is required?

To log in to your BBVA Account on any device, you must provide the following information: username and password.


The login username has the following characteristics:

  • It will always be your DNI (Spanish ID) or NIF/NIE/passport (if you are a foreigner) with the uppercase letters and no spaces or hyphens. For example: 52367863D. 
  • Important: never use your email, telephone number, or any other personal details.


A BBVA Account login password must meet the following requirements: 

  • Maximum length of 6 characters (letters and numbers). 
  • No spaces.
  • No symbols ($, %, &, /, etc.).

When creating a password, consider the following tips to increase security: 

  • Do not disclose your password to anyone. 
  • Your BBVA Account login password must be different to your card PIN number. 
  • If you suspect that a third party has gained access to your password, change it immediately. 
  • Never disclose your password by telephone, email or SMS. BBVA will never ask you to provide your password in any of these ways. 

If you are not sure what your password is, you need to remember where you signed up in your BBVA Account.

Whatever method you used to sign up, if you forget your password, you can retrieve it by following this link.

What options are there for logging in?

There are three ways to access your BBVA Account: via the website, a smartphone or a tablet. 
  1. At the top right of the website, there is a blue “Customer Login” button. Click on this button and a drop-down box will open asking you to enter your login information.
  2. Enter your login information (your username and password).
  3. Click on the blue “Log in” button below. 

Please remember that BBVA recommends using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Mozilla Firefox 3.5 (or later versions) to log in through the website.

If you are browsing the website on your cell phone, open the side menu (top right) and press "Log in".

You must first download the App:

  • Android: available in the Play Store. We recommend using an Android 5.2.0 operating system or later. Some recently added shortcuts require Android 7.1 or later.
  • iOS: For the app to work properly, we recommend using an iOS 9.0 operating system or later.

Enter your login information (your username and password) and then press the blue “Log in” button below.

  1. If you use a tablet to log in to your BBVA Account, simply follow the same instructions as for cell phones. 
  2. Log in to from a web browser
  3. Download the BBVA app.