Prepaid virtual cards, what are?

Discovers this method fee-paying for transactions on the internet.
Internet has revolutionized the way in which buy. The wide range of available products, the competitiveness of the prices, and the comfort of buy from house do that more and more the trade online is the option preferred for the buyers. Nevertheless, buy on the internet entails also certain risks, so the banking organizations have sought new alternatives for guarantee the security of this method of purchase and, between they are the prepaid virtual cards. Next, you explain in what consists this method fee-paying and what advantages you offers.
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BBVA Virtual Card
Carries out your purchases online in a fast and comfortable way.

What are the prepaid virtual cards?

The prepaid virtual cards are anyone who lack physicalsupport. Is a method fee-paying designed specifically for carry out online shopping . As well as the cards conventional, these have a number identifier, a password or PIN, an expiry date, and a safety code CVV. However, these details are virtual, and not are reflected in a card of plastic as the traditional ones. Moreover, these cards virtual not are linked to the bank account of the owner nor to your physical cards.

How work the prepaid virtual cards?

The prepaid virtual cards work as any pre-paid card. The user can enter the amount wished in the card virtual, always within the set limits in the conditions of the card. Usually these cards charge with the exact amount of the purchase that expects do, so the owner of the card avoids that the platform online in which is buying you copper an amount superior.

The majority of the banks offer different possibilities for recharge the card. As happens with many other procedures banking, this recharge can do of way in person in a bank branch, or through an ATM. Additionally there are options from a distance , as the recharge on the phone calling at the service of customer service, or through internet, in the app or the website of the company.

Once has overloaded the card, your use for the payment of purchases online not supposes no difficulty, since basically must follow the same one steps that with the credit and debit cards. The website drives to the user to a form in which owes introduce your details of turnover (name, last names and address), the number of the card, your expiry and your CVV. After fill in these details, simply confirms the purchase.

How contract the prepaid virtual cards

The contracting of a virtual card not is subject to too many requirements, especially if the user already has other cards in the same company. In most cases only is necessary have an e-mail address and one has the banking organization with which leaves to contract the card.

To the be a tool for buy on the internet, the banks usually give the option of contract this service for that same via. For do it, the applicant just has to select the option of contract the virtual card of your interest on the website or app of the company. This option you drives to the form in which has to introduce your details and the key PIN of the card. Is common that the user can moreover choose the identification number of the card, and even determine your expiry.

Advantages of the cards virtual prepay

The main advantage of this kind of card is that is reasoned specifically for the online shopping and, therefore, adapts to the needs of these transactions. Is a sure fee-paying method for the purchases online, since your format prepaid gives to the user the possibility of control the funds and avoid a charge higher than the available balance.

Another of major advantages of these cards is that not involve costs of issuance nor maintenance. Likewise, neither usually charge fees when recharge, so is a method fee-paying very economic.

Your format virtual supposes an advantage added, since deletes any possibility of loss or theft. Moreover, given that can manage on the website or in the application of the issuer, the details and passwords can consult in these platforms in the event of oblivion.

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BBVA pre-paid Card
Carries out your purchases online in a comfortable way with the BBVA Virtual CARD.

BBVA Virtual Card

In BBVA you offer a card virtual with all the advantages and comforts of this fee-based system: the BBVA Virtual CARD . This product can contract easily in or in any branch office. For request it, just is necessary that us point out your e-mail address and that choose a personal identification number. The contracting of this product lacks fees and fees.

The recharge of the card can carry out for all the ways mentioned previously.

If are customer of BBVA and are account holder of an account, not doubt in request this product for carry out your online shopping. If still not have has we, visit or any BBVA branch for open an account and contract your BBVA Virtual CARD.

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