How to get a credit card without changing banks

We'll tell you about the options you have for signing up for a credit card without switching banks.
Credit cards are one of the most useful services banks offer their customers. The option to have money immediately available in the event that you need it offers peace of mind that many users value; also, there are now certain companies and services that require this type of payment for items such as car rentals.
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However, there may be situations in which a user is not interested in the credit cards offered by their bank, and so they seek alternatives to take advantage of additional discounts or services.

The process used to take out a credit card without changing bank is known as external direct billing. This allows monthly payments to be deposited into an account in any bank. This means that you do not need to open a new account in another bank in order to use it to perform transactions. A perfect example would be the BBVA Repsol card.

Sign up for a credit card with another bank

You can currently sign up online for a credit card without changing banks, and without having to go to the bank with which you are going to sign up. You can also sign up in person at a branch.

It's a simple process that just takes a few minutes, during which you provide personal and financial information so the bank can evaluate the request. This evaluation will take several days. If all goes well, within a few days you will receive the credit card at your home and you will be able to start using it.

Typically, getting a credit card through a bank besides your own involves a few requirements similar to those which would be in place at your own bank. The main requirement is income level, for which proof must be provided and which will depend on the credit card requested.

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Pay for your purchases over time with the Después Card and use it at over 6,000 ATMs.

Advantages of having a credit card with another bank

There is a wide range of credit cards offered by banks that don't involve opening a current account, mainly because monthly payments are made with an account of the customer's choosing. This ability is in addition to the advantages these cards usually offer, which banks try to maximize to make the cards more attractive. 

For example, many of these cards offer highly competitive issue and renewal fees (which in some cases end up being completely free). To this they add a series of services that extend far beyond offering credit:

  • Protective insurance on purchases, travel, and accidents...
  • Discounts and coupons at different stores.
  • Flexible payments. 

Finally, getting a credit card through a bank other than your own offers you additional freedom, since you won't lose your card if at some point you decide to change banks.

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