What is a card contactless?

Discovers all the advantages of this new technology.
The technological progress facilitate every day more the experience of the users. In the field financial, these new technologies allow that the transactions of companies and customers simplify to a great extent. One of the innovations that is revolutionizing this sector is the contactlesstechnology. Nowadays, this technology has been built in for the majority of the bank cards and the terminals in which use. Next, you explain what is a card contactless and how can profit from your advantages.
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The technology of the cards contactless

Until recently, for process any operation with a debit card, credit or prepay used your magnetic band or the chip that these cards take built in. The technology employed by these systems requires that the card introduces in a slot or drops over the reader of magnetic bands so that can proceed to your reading. Although these elements follow present in the contactless cards, these characterize for add the new technology NFC.

The acronyms NFC from of English Near Field Communication, that in Spanish means “communication of field close”. The technology NFC is the one which allows that happens an interaction wireless bidirectional without need of that the card is in touch with the terminal. For establish this communication, is necessary use two devices electronic next: a device initiator (POS or ATM) and a device destination (card or any other instrument of payment). 

The dialog among the two devices also requires the intervention of a chip, but in this case the interaction happens for induction electromagnetic. Therefore, although the contactless cards present an aspect similar to the previous ones, with a chip visible for the user, the technology NFC allows use them without contact.

How uses a card contactless?

Although the interaction that takes place between the contactless card and the terminal is different, the way in which the account holder uses the card barely varies: is enough with place the card together with the terminal. Nevertheless, always is positive know the details of use of this kind of card in order profit from all your advantages. The steps to follow for make use of a card contactless in an ATM or datáfono are the following ones:

  • Identify the contactlessreader. The reader of an ATM be usually different than that one of a datáfono, but always includes the identifying symbol of contactless: several radio waves emerging of a point at one end. In the case of the ATMs, this reader is in a plate rectangular with that icon, whereas the datáfonos usually show it in the screen.
  • Bring closer the card to the reader to a distance lower than three centimeters. To the place the card this way, the pilots of the reader light and the device issues a sound that points out that the reading has been correct. From that moment on can withdraw the card, so is a process of barely some second.
  • In the case of the ATM, select the operation and stock that wish carry out through the touch screen.
  • Introduce the PIN NUMBER of the card for authorize the operation. This information always is necessary in an ATM, but the datáfonos only the request in the event that the payment is higher than a certain amount. By default, this amount is of 20 euros.

Many banking organizations offer moreover the possibility of carry out this same process without need of present the card, simply using your smartphone. For do it, the account holder must register the card in the mobile application offered by the bank and use your cell phone for the payment, bringing closer it to the terminal in the same way as if was a card. Moreover, other companies as Google, Samsung or Apple have created your own applications fee-paying contactless that the users can use for this same end.

Is basic remember that the contactless cards not stop be credit cards, debit and prepay conventional, so the transaction that takes place to the use them is still the same one. Likewise, the contactless card also works to the introduce it in the slot or to the happen it for the reader of magnetic bands, so can follow using this way if prefers.

Advantages of the card contactless

Sometimes, the new technologies result disruptivas for the users that must learn and adapt to all the changes. However, the contactless card supposes major advantages, precisely because involves an improvement in the experience of the user that barely affects the way in which uses your card.

In the first place, the contactless card is more comfortable and simple of use. Only must take out the card during some second and can save again without need of expect to that finishes the operation. Moreover, given that no longer is necessary introduce the card and expect to that the terminal the returns, the operation is faster. With it, the time of reading sees reduced and simplifies the procedure.

This way of use does also that the transaction is safer . On the one hand, deletes the possibility of that the card stays trapped or damages. For another, the contactless technology is also safer from the technical point of view. Contrary to what say many users, not is easy obtain money of a card contactless without authorization, since the distance among card and terminal is very short.

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In BBVA, the comfort and the security of our customers are always a priority. For improve the experience of our customers have built in the contactless technology in all our cards. Likewise, for facilitate the operations of the users, all our ATMs count also with this technology. Visit bbva.es or any of our offices for know our range of cards of credit, debit or prepay and choose which more adapt to your needs.
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