What are the Contactless cards?

Make your daily purchases quickly, conveniently and securely.

Contactless cards incorporate a communication technology that allows contactless payments. Just hold the Contactless card over the sales terminal to make the payment wirelessly; without having to insert the card into the POS terminal or swipe it through the magnetic card reader.

With the Contactless new technology enjoy the next advantages when pay with your cards:

  • Easy: you don't need to make sure you have coins.
  • Fast: it is quicker to pay.
  • Flexibility: you can also use it for small amounts.
  • Security: your transactions are secure.
  • Control: the expansion of Contactless technology for small payments will help you control your expenditure and be clear about what you're using your money on.
  • No additional cost: with this new functionality, you don't pay more.
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Después Card
You'll be able to pay for your purchases over time and use it at over 6,000 ATMs.

How does it work?

Contactless cards incorporate a wireless communication technology that works over a very short distance. Thus, you pay by placing your card on a dataphone, without having to insert it into the POS terminal or run it through the band reader.

When see Contactless's symbol in a trade, points out to the shop assistant that want pay without contact and brings closer your card to the terminal.

Where to use it?

Contactless technology is the future of payment methods and is already common in other countries. In Spain work is currently underway to ensure its expansion into the maximum number of establishments, with a growing number now accepting this payment method. When you see the symbol, tell the store attendant that you want to make a contactless payment.

If the shop doesn't have a Contactless payment terminal, pay as you have until now: Insert your card into the POS Terminal or swipe it through the reader, and enter your PIN or sign the receipt. Contactless is an added functionality of BBVA Cards, the rest of the utilities remain as before.

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Pay for your purchases over time with the Después Card and use it at over 6,000 ATMs.

How can I activate it?

Can activate your new card Contactless from BBVA's app, in any ATM BBVA (need the PIN), in your BBVA BRANCH or calling to the 902 22 44 66. Activate it and use it both for purchases and at ATMs that feature this technology.

However, in order to pay using the Contactless system by placing your card over the terminal:

  • The terminal must be active.
  • The store employee must have entered the purchase amount.
  • The distance between the card and the terminal is less than 3 cm.
  • The card must be held in front of the terminal for one second.
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