Contactless ATM, how works?

Improvement your experience thanks to the contactless technology.
Probably you have questioned some time how is possible that nowadays not is necessary introduce the credit or debit cards in some POS in order use them. The person responsible for that this happens is the contactless technology. This technology, built in in the means fee-paying, allows pay in any establishment and, now also, carry out operations in your ATM. If want find out more about how works an ATM contactless, how can use it, and all your advantages, follows reading.
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The technology of the ATMs contactless

Is difficult understand all that happens on the other side of the screen of our ATM. Generally, can consider that all the ATMs are computers that have a software programmed for carry out different operations and enquiries. For a certain time, these computers have implemented a technology that has revolutionized the way in which the use: the technology NFC. This is the one which allows the use of cards with technology NFC for operate in ATMs that have the same technology.

The acronyms NFC from of English Near Field Communication, that in Spanish means “communication of field close”. Is a communication or two-way interaction wireless that takes place among two devices electronic next. This interaction happens for induction electromagnetic to a frequency of 13.56 MHz. 

In any process NFC distinguish two parent devices : an initiator or reader (ATM) and a device destination (card or instrument of payment). Both owe have a chip that is the one which allows establish a dialog between they. In the case of the contactless ATMs, the devices are our card and the reader or initiator contactless of the ATM.

How uses an ATM contactless?

For any user accustomed to use ATMs, the change to an ATM contactless not supposes more than a simplification and streamlining of this process. Nevertheless, both the new users and the experienced users can profit from know the details of use of these terminals. The steps to follow are the following ones:

  1. Identify the contactless reader in the ATM. This reader can admit for contactless's icon, that shows several radio waves emerging of a point at one end, and that can go or not accompanied by other images explanatory as that one of a hand maintaining a card. 
  2. Bring closer the card to less than three centimeters of the reader and keep it in this position during at least a second. To the approximate the card, the pilots of the reader light and the ATM issues a sound pointing out that the reading has been correct. At the time be able to withdraw our card, since no longer be necessary to the rest of the process.
  3. Use the touch screen for select the operation and stock that wish carry out.
  4. Introduce the PIN NUMBER through the numeric keyboard of the ATM for authorize the operation selected. 
  5. Withdraw the well-proportioned money or other documents by the ATM.
Fits mention that, depending on the type of operation, the ATM can request that introduces the PIN earlier and/or after select the stock to carry out. Before distance of the ATM, is important check that the operation really has completed and that the ATM comes back to your screen of beginning.

Operations available in the contactless ATMs

The operations available in an ATM contactless are the same that offers an ATM conventional. Given that the difference between they lies in the way in which reads the card and not in the card in itself, be able to follow using our card for the same aim. However, many times the users not are aware of all the benefits that them offers your ATM. Besides the deposit and cash withdrawal , the ATMs allow consult the balance and movements of an account, carry out national banking transfers and international, recharge the balance of the cell phone and carry out different payments and refunds. Likewise, the contactless ATMs follow including a slot for the card, so also can operate as until now if thus it prefer.
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Advantages of the ATM contactless

The contactless ATM is very similar to any other ATM. Nevertheless, the few differences that there are among both devices have introduced precisely for improve the experience of the user, so offer some extra advantages.

In the first place, these ATMs suppose a clear timesaving. The fact of not have to introduce the card in the ATM reduces the time of reading and, as a result, expedites any procedure. With a single gesture of barely some second, is possible access in an instantaneous way to different administrative steps available in the ATM. However, the comfort of this method goes next world. For example, once identified the card, not is necessary expect at the end of the operation for save it. This way, simplifies the end of the operation. 

This last point us takes to another of your advantages: the security. The contactless technology guarantees the security of the transaction so much from the technical point of view as practical, as also it do anyone who not the use. Moreover, deletes the risk of that the card stays trapped in the hinterland of the terminal, since the customer not needs introduce it never.

As can check, the contactless ATM adds a technology destined mostly to simplify the experience of the user. In BBVA strove offer to our customers last technological progress that can facilitate your operations. Visit for learn more on our different credit or debit card options, all with contactless technology, and request it online.

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