Biometrics: The future of security in online banking

Maximum protection for your online transactions.

Biometrics is becoming increasingly popular in the field of digital security. Why? This technology has proven quite difficult to crack, which has allowed it to take hold and, moreover, show us the way to what the future of security will be. 

Its reliability is based on identification through fingerprint recognition or facial recognition, physical characteristics that cannot be transferred to another person. This makes it safe and easy for users to enjoy a simple and convenient experience, since they don't need to remember an alphanumeric password (which is common nowadays). Therefore, in just a few minutes, thanks to this technology you can open an account at BBVA with a selfie and start banking with it.

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Present in our everyday lives

Biometrics has been a part of many of our cell phones for some time. Unlocking a device using your fingerprint or face is common nowadays, and now you'll use this method to protect your online transactions as well. 
At BBVA, we are strongly committed to it and are making it accessible to all our customers. A step forward towards new online banking that, starting in September, will be subject to the new European PSD2 regulation, which will emphasize security and impose minimum requirements. These rely on using 2 or 3 of the following factors: something you know (your password), something you have (your cell phone) and something you are (your fingerprint or your face).
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How does biometrics work?

We have previously noted the three most important features of biometrics: security, speed and comfort. But how does it work? In this article, we explain the simple steps you have to take to activate your fingerprint in the BBVA application. 

  • Register your fingerprint on the device. 
  • Set up the BBVA application to allow for fingerprint access. Once registered, it is stored in a token (unique to each app) that is only accessible to the user of the app. This makes it harder to steal, thanks to this uniqueness. 
  • Validate your fingerprint every time you want to access your online banking. 

As we said: fast, convenient and, above all, secure.

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