Insurance week - what is it all about?

It is the annual event that brings together the various players in the insurance sector
Insurance week is a grand annual event which brings together the main players in the insurance sector. Since 1993, the insurance division of Reed Business Information, INESE, has been organizing a series of events in which insurers, brokers, brokerage firms, agents, agencies, consultancy firms, institutions and service companies meet to assess the status of the national insurance market and to promote new developments.
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Over the course of three days, the various representatives from the insurance sector attend a series of conferences, debates, working groups and other activities. The matters they address include a wide range of topics, such as customer loyalty, distribution channels, legislation and potential innovations for the future. Recent editions of insurance week included forums on the future of insurance in the digital environment, and on how to make the relationship between customers and their insurers easier and simpler. Topics addressed ranged from how to make information more accessible, to creating tools that make it easy for customers to file an insurance claim. The events are generally free of charge, although they are aimed at professionals of the sector. In fact, insurance brokers can certify their attendance at the conferences in order to accrue hours which count towards the continuous training in the field of insurance which they are required by law to undertake.

Insurance day at BBVA

In addition to insurance week, we also celebrate insurance day every May 14. Insurance day commemorates the introduction of the first laws on insurance. In Spain, the first such law dates from May 14, 1908, inspired by other laws such as those in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and France. In the United States, on May 14, 1946, the foundations of the Hemispheric Insurance Conference were laid, which is why May 14 was chosen as Continental Insurance Day.
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