Quick guide for contract and contribute to your pension plan

You explain step by step what owe do for invest in them.

Are many the occasions in which think in our future and, more specifically, in the day of our retirement. With her close a phase of our life for open another different one for which, as not, owe be ready. And not only on a personal level but also from the economic point of view since, in most cases, the income reduce but not thus the expenses.

For this reason, is good be forward-looking and start to save with the great advance notice possible. And for this, nothing better that contract a pension plan and carry out contributions on a regular basis or punctual in him. This can generate you a profitability that depend on the product that have chosen and that translate in a ‘dinero extra’ to use once put an end to your work life. Already you have decided but not know how have to do it? Don't worry. In this item of explain the steps that owe give for do you with one in BBVA.

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Thus can contract your Pension plan

From your computer

After choose the Pension plan that better adapts to what look for between the wide range that BBVA puts at your disposal, selects ‘Contratar’ from the file. If are customer of BBVA, introduces your user and password for access your Private Area and continue with the process. If not it are, can do you in the moment with the option ‘Hazte Cliente’ situated in the top right-hand of our website. 

Once enter your Private Area, have 3 options for contract your Pension plan.

  • From an account BBVA: only owe point out the amount of the initial… contribution And smart! If this goes to be periodical, includes also the frequency with which wish carry out it and the associated account
  • From another pension plan that already have in BBVA: only have to communicate which is together with the contribution type, the amount and the account to the one which leaves to associate. 
  • From a plan of another company: in this case, owe inform of the manager and the type of plan that want go through, as well as your number of contract. After this, points out the type of transfer, total or partial, the amount and the associated account.

From your cell phone

Additionally can contract your Pension plan from any mobile device. The process not differs a lot of the one which carry out from your desktop computer. In the first place, owe have clear the product to acquire. Next, and from the file, owe ‘Contratar’. If are customer, and after introduce your user and password, access your Private Area for continue with the process. If not it are, first ‘Hazte Cliente’ through the option equipped for this.

Already in your Private Area, and as happened from your desktop computer, have 3 options for contract your Pension plan. Can do it:

  • From an account BBVA: if only want do a first contribution, points out the amount. If go has do it in a periodical way, owe point out also every how much leaves to carry out and the associated account.
  • Another pension plan of BBVA: shows from what plan go to do the transfer, if the contribution is total or partial, the amount and the account that go to associate him. 
  • From a plan of another company: selects the manager of origin, the name of the plan and the number of contract. Together with these, points out the type of transfer (total or partial), the amount and the account to the one which leaves to associate.
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After this, you are only two decisions for take for close the process. The first, choose if want receive information periodical of the investment fund by e-mail or postcard. The second, accept the Documentation of the Share market and the Information on the dates of assessment. This puts an end to a procedure in which have invested ones few second and with which have given a step more towards your objectives of future saving. 

And remembers, always can come to your BBVA branch for learn more and contract it.


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