Products of investment, what are and how us help to save?

Knows all the types that is and your characteristics.
Are thinking in save? If your response is affirmative, the first step is know that products of investment have at your disposal . This you help to choose the one which better adapts to your objectives. For know them better, in this item go to shell your characteristics.
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Mutual funds

These products of investment compose of an emerged assets of the contributions of a variable number of investors. Is managed by a manager that sees to invest the contributions of those participants, whether in assets of fixed-income, variable, etc. Each of the investors is owner of a proportion of the fund depending on your contribution. Is 2 types (on the basis of your investment): 

  • Real-estate (real estate for your exploitation and rent). 
  • Furniture (assets financial): the more important are:

Investment funds of fixed-income

Characterize for carry out the most part of your investment in assets of fixed-income , which suppose a smaller risk (influences the period of maturity) at the cost of some snider benefits. This them does perfect for more conservative investors, which us want run a lot danger with your investments nor obtain some good return of they.

Investment funds of equities

Unlike those ones of fixed-income, have a risk a lot of higher offering, that yes, some benefits a lot more although uninsured (depend on factors changing). For that reason settle on this product of investment the profiles more decided, that is, which are prepared to assume that ‘riesgo’ in the interests of obtain a higher amount of dividends thanks to your, for example, stock.

Investment funds mixed

If still not has clear what product of investment is the more suitable, is necessary to consider a third option more equitable. Composes of characteristics specific to the two previous, fixed and variable, and is the percentage of each one what settles the risk and the benefits that leave obtain. This does that is perfect for the profiles moderates, which prefer diversify your portfolio instead of constitute with some small extra income or with lose your money. Main products are the preferred shares and the obligations and encashable bonds.

Derivative products

Are products whose value depends on the evolution of other, so-called underlying assets and that can go from a stock until a currency or an interest rate. This them does be subprime for which bets for them to the not depend on itself and your evolution. Main examples are the futures, the options, the warrants, the certificates, the contract purchase-sale of options and the CFD.

Products structured

A product structured generates with the union of two or more financial products in a single structure. The normal procedure is unite a product of fixed-income with one or more than equities. Are products of investment that entail a high risk, so are advisable for investors with a more decided profile.

Pension Plans

Are a product of investment long-term that allows to the user generate a saving to arrange after your retirement. Is based in contributions on a regular basis or punctual (never higher than 8,000€ yearly) that the manager invests on the basis of some criteria of profitability and risk (established previously in your policy) whose rescue can carry out in the shape of income, capital or in a combination of both depending on it established in the plan.

These, to the be a product of variable profitability, involve a risk level that can cause losses in the event that happens a stage negative. This does that, except for if chooses the plans guaranteed, the initial investment that carries out not is guaranteed and that the profitability depends on the evolution of the assets that it compose.  

On the other hand, us give a fiscal conditions favorable for the participant to the reduce the basis of assessment of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX in the annual tax return. 

As happened with the funds, there are several types according to:

Your investment policy

The investments leave carrying out on the basis of characteristics of the plan contracted. The more frequent are: 

  • Fixed-income, with assets of low risk and, for this reason, a smaller profitability.
  • Equities, with assets of high risk and, for this reason, of great profitability (uninsured).
  • Mixed income, mix of the two options previous, your risk and profitability come defined for the percentage of each one (fixed and variable).
  • Guaranteed, of very conservative character, guarantees to the account holder 100% of the money invested, as long as keeps the plan until your maturity.

The developer

The developer is the company that creates the plan in favor of an association specific. Can be a society, company, corporation, trade union or association, on the basis of which, there are 3 types:

  • Individual, promoted for the financial institutions and whose participants and payees are individuals.
  • Partners, promoted for trade unions, associations or guilds and whose participants and payees are your own members or members. 
  • Of employment, or pension plans of companies and corporations whose participants and payees are only your employees. The contributions the can carry out so much the developer as the participants

The contributions

These products of saving nourish, as have remarked previously, of the contributions that carries out the participant (in the case of the individual ones and partners) and the company (in those ones of employment), not being able to overcome the€8,000 yearly in both cases (in general plan). Count as well as a major tax advantage for the investor to thelp to reduce your general basis of assessment of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX in the annual tax return (with a maximum limit of 8,000€ or 30% of earned incomes). 

Charge of the benefits

The consolidated rights of a pension plan only can charge in the next suppositions and provided that are considered in the specifications of the pension plan:

  • Retirement.
  • Disability.
  • Severe premise and high dependency .
  • Death.

There are suppositions that allow the charge of the benefit (always applying the terms of the current legislation and, also, the regulations specified in the plan):

  • Unemployment.
  • Severe illness.
  • If the investment has more 10 years of seniority (available from the January 1, 2025).
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This charge of the benefit can carry out in the shape of capital (a lump payment), of income periodical (monthly, for example) or of mixed form, that is, combining the 2 previous. In any of the cases, the rescue owes adapt to the specifications of the plan (document that specifies your operation and the conditions that you are of application). In any of the cases, pay taxes as outputs of work (in the terms and with the limitations of the implementable regulation).
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