Where to invest your savings

You count which are the better choices for invest your savings and start to take out a better yield to your money.
A question recurring for anyone who have certain quantity of surplus money is how invest that saving. Save the money in a checking account not benefits at all. Quite the opposite, this sees deteriorated for the increase of the cost of the life. The inflation is the quiet enemy of the savers, as erodes the be able to of buys year to year and your effects in the long term can be ravagers. For avoid this decrease of the value of the savings, there is a wide range of possibilities that allow obtain yield of the same, from investment funds until accounts that generate interests. In this item you explain different ways of investment so that can choose the one which better conforms to your needs.
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Although not have many savings, is possible bet for the investment without run major risks. However, before invest always is important analyze how wants do it and with what products, so results essential have the further information possible. A good option is the contracting of an adviser of investments since, the majority of the times, the lack of product information that contract is the primary risk factor.

Before invest, suits give response to certain questions:

  • Why am I going to invest?
  • How much go to invest?
  • Is a single contribution or go to do contributions on a regular basis?
  • Of what term arrange?
  • Is important the liquidity?
  • What vehicles are the more favorable fiscally for my interests?

Mutual funds

The investment funds allow bring closer the world of the financial markets to small savers, from amounts reduced and with fees adjusted. The investment funds establish with the money that invest all your participants, that is, is Institutions of Collective Investment (CII), and are managed by professionals that decide in what type of assets invest, depending on the investment policy of the fund and of the expectations of behavior of the markets. The funds contribute diversification, a very interesting quality for reduce risks. This diversification has as a consequence a great flexibility for adapt to the market changes and make good use of the opportunities that this presents. The investment funds have the extra advantage of be nontaxable provided that reinvest or transfer to another fund, so the goodwill can accumulate and only pay taxes at the time of the on sale of the shares. This gives a major flexibility so that an investor goes adapting your portfolio to the new circumstances without fret of questions tax.

Exchange market

The exchanges of currencies carry out in an electronic way for intermediation of the services that offer different corridors or platforms electronic. The changes of the value of the currencies can suppose an important opportunity of business or investment provided that the currency acquired shows an evolution favorable and sells out to a price of more than the one which has obtained. Dices the many factors that affect this market, of high volatility, this type of investment is advisable for investors with a certain experience and with amplos knowledge of market.

Deposits and accounts remunerated

The accounts remunerated are a major option if what wants is obtain profitability without run no risk, since bring a percentage on the aggregate amount of the invested money in the account. Moreover, with this type of accounts is possible enter or withdraw money when wants, being the option more recommendable for which need a very high liquidity.

On the other hand, are the deposits banking. When invests in a deposit banking, deposits the money in the bank for a term determined established for contract. This contract also stipulates an exact interest , so the investment not depends on indexes external or of the evolution of the markets. When overcomes the term stipulated, recovers the aggregate amount invested more the interests generated for the deposit in that time. Additionally is possible that the interests leave paying gradually during the life of the deposit.

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However, the profitability that offer both products is directly linked to the situation of the interest rates. In environments as the actual, of very reduced types, the profitability that offer is very reduced or directly null.

Choose the product that choose for invest, always is convenient contract it having all the available information. In BBVA Invest you offer a service of counseling personalized on the options of investment that better conform to your financial preferences and needs. Our expert team you help to take out the better yield to your savings and to achieve your objective. Enters bbva.es and BBVA test Invest. Discovers how win more money with your savings.

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