BBVA distribution fund range

All you need to know about these distribution funds, which have been designed to receive income on a regular basis

The BBVA distribution range was designed to make long-term investments profitable, while receiving stable and recurring income, thanks to quarterly, non-guaranteed distributions (hence the name of this range).

In the short term, financial assets experience ups and downs, even if in the long term their expected return is appealing. But they also pay out dividends (for equities) or coupons (for bonds and other fixed-income assets) which can be received regularly and from the outset of the investment.

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BBVA's range of distribution funds was created on the basis that if you choose to invest long-term, that should not mean that you have to sacrifice a recurrent income.

There's a range of products because people have different investment objectives and risk appetites. For this reason, it includes options that combine investment in different financial assets, both fixed-income and equities, in order to reduce risk, such as BBVA Mi Inversión RF Mixta (the most conservative) or BBVA Mi Inversión Mixta, and others for dynamic customers that invest mostly in the stock market, such as BBVA Mi Inversión Bolsa and BBVA Plan Dividendo Europa. All the funds forming part of the BBVA distribution range are managed by professionals with extensive experience in this area. Furthermore, this product range benefits from investment fund tax relief.

BBVA Plan Dividendo Europa

This is an international equity fund that invests at least 75% of your portfolio in stock or derivative equity instruments, mostly of markets of the OECD. The remaining amount is invested in fixed-income assets from European or OECD countries with the same minimum credit quality as Spain. The shares portfolio principally looks for companies set apart for their track record of paying out dividends, or for their potential improvement in shareholder remuneration policy. By investing internationally, the portfolio is diversified as regards both countries and currencies. This fund distributes a variable dividend by compulsory redemption of shares twice a year (31/01 and 31/07). The recommended investment horizon for this product from the distribution fund range is between three and five years. It focuses on investors with a high risk tolerance, as it has a risk classification of five on a scale of one to seven.

BBVA Mi Inversión Bolsa

Within the range of distribution funds, BBVA Mi Inversión Bolsa has a portfolio of more than 75% intended for international equities offering high dividend returns in various currencies. Investors will receive mandatory investment-based payments on a quarterly basis totaling 1.5% gross (6% per year) of the net asset value of the investment. This payment is achieved through the distribution of dividends from portfolio stock and income generated by selling stock options. The remaining portion of the portfolio is invested in public or private fixed-income assets of an intermediate or high credit quality. This fund has a risk rating of five out of seven and is therefore a suitable solution for investors with a high risk tolerance.
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BBVA Mi Inversión Mixta

As the name indicates, this is a mixed fund that combines fixed income and international equities with high dividend profitability. Specifically, between 40% and 60% of the investment will be in mainly European equities and derivative instruments. The remaining amount will be invested in fixed income assets with a credit quality that is the same or higher than that of Spain. This fund can invest in currencies other than the euro. Investors will receive a mandatory quarterly payment of 0.75% gross (3% per year) for dividends and coupons received from the portfolio's financial assets, as well as income from the sale of derivatives. The fund has an average risk rating of four out of a maximum of seven.

BBVA Mi Inversión Renta Fija Mixta

As part of the BBVA distribution range, this is the fund recommended for more conservative investors, since it invests only up to 30% in equities. In total, between 5% and 30% will be invested in equity assets with intermediate-high capitalization from mainly European issuers with strong dividend distribution policies. The rest is invested in fixed-income assets, public and private, such as treasury bills, bonds or promissory notes from companies, and mainly from European issuers, with a credit quality no lower than that of the Kingdom of Spain. The recommended investment horizon for this fund is more than three years and it has an intermediate-low risk classification of three out of seven. The customer will receive a mandatory quarterly payment of 0.375% gross (1.5% per year) of the net asset value of the investment. This percentage will be obtained through fixed-income coupons, dividends received from equities and income from investments in derivatives.
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