Where to invest money with no risks

In an environment where interest rates are minimal, obtaining attractive returns without taking on risk is a difficult task
This is no trivial matter. Until a few years ago, it was not too difficult to earn returns through no-risk financial assets such as term deposits or interest-bearing accounts, due to a situation in which interest rates were working to the advantage of savers. But these days, the expansionary monetary policy being pursued by the European Central Bank has created a scenario where some interest rates are actually negative. What does this mean? Essentially this means that it is now impossible to earn returns without taking on a certain level of risk, even if it is minimal.
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It is not advisable to give up on the possibility of getting a return on your savings as you could fall victim to the “silent enemy”: inflation. Inflation reduces the buying power of your savings, so that every year you are not earning a return on your savings they are being reduced at a level equivalent to the inflation rate. During the last few years we have seen very low inflation rates, which has brought a certain amount of relief to investors, especially those with a conservative profile. However, inflation is starting to rise again, and it may return to more typical levels of around 2%. What alternatives are available then for investors who do not want to see their savings fail to grow? To put it simply, there is no other solution but to take on some risk, although there are also some practices that can help you minimize it. These include:


One way of decreasing the risk is diversification. In other words, you put your money into several types of investments instead of just one.

If you decide to invest everything in a single option, you run the risk of losing some or even all of your capital if that investment ends up yielding poor results.

By contrast, by diversifying and creating an investment portfolio with several assets, you reduce the risk of losing all your money, since, for this to happen, several of our investments would have to yield poor results at the same time.

Diversification does not only refer to the types of assets you invest in. It is also a good idea to diversify by investing in different geographical regions or different currencies.

Invest on a regular basis

When diversifying risks, it is much better to make multiple investments over time rather than making one big investment. The advantage of this approach is that instead of acquiring securities, shares, or stocks at a single price, which could be favorable or unfavorable, you obtain the average price of the various purchases made on different dates.
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How to find returns with minimal risk

In the current economic climate, returns can be earned by incorporating a moderate number of assets that can yield returns in a context of very low interest rates, such as variable-income assets (equities). In the case of conservative investors, these must represent just a small percentage of the overall portfolio of assets, and should be incorporated in the manner described above: gradually and with a high degree of diversification.

Let's consider the example of a well-diversified portfolio made up of 85% low or very low risk assets and 15% variable-income assets. The first type will offer only a modest return, but with a low level of risk. This part of your investment will provide security and stability. The second type is more volatile but is only held in a low percentage and in a diversified manner. These investments will increase the portfolio's average return, and in this way achieve a positive overall return on your investment with a controlled level of risk.

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