How much can grow my saving depending on the fund in which invest?

Depends on the risk that are prepared to assume.

Plan our saving for the future is something that owe do since are young people. This way, be able to reach with great facility different objectives that us have marked as, for example, keep our living standard once us retire.

A way of do it is investing in investment funds and in pension plans . For this, and for guarantee that the choice that carry out is optimal, is good know the types that there are and which is the risk and the profitability that take ragged.

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1. Fixed-Income Funds

If us decant for this type of funds, the money invests in assets with a risk level low what involves that the saving that can obtain is reduced. Are products thought up for conservative profiles, which look for investments safer (not exempt from risk, that yes) that them help to achieve that ‘dinero extra’ that need.

2. Variable-Income Funds

To the choose these funds, and unlike which happened with those ones of fixed-income, assume a higher risk, what involves that the profitability that can obtain is great. That yes, the investment be subject to variations deeper that in the prior case. A clear example of variable income asset are the stock. 

The profile that usually carries out this type of investments is the decided one, prepared to run an added danger with your investment and receive, in most cases, a higher reward.

3. Mixed-Income Funds

These funds result of the combination of the two previous assets, what does that both the risk profile and the expectation of profitability that can obtain with your saving is average. Are advisable for the profiles moderates, which look for diversify your investments, that is, are prepared to assume a certain risk (in looks for of a great profitability) but dedicate a part to ensure a ‘dinero extra’.

4. Money Market funds

Are those invested ones in fixed-income to very short term, of high and liquiditysecurity. Take ragged a risk level low and some expectations of profitability reduced, what does that your saving is the more conservative and you do suitable for this type of profiles. 

5. Guaranteed Funds

Guarantee in a total or partial way the capital invested. Additionally can ensure a certain yield or prearrange the possible profitability acquirement if gives a certain stage, being this last one reduced given that the risk that assumes in the investment is practically nonexistent. Is the response before a saving in which wishes ensure the money above all.

Risks in the investment funds

The benefits that can obtain of our investments depend, in your most part, of the risk that are prepared to assume. For this reason, in BBVA believe that also is necessary that know main factors that it condition:

  • Duration: points out the degree of sensitivity that has the price of an asset of fixed-income (for example, a bond) before possible variations that can suffer your interest rate, showing us also your half life. Us allows know also the risk to the one which expose ourselves.
  • Volatility: points out the risk of a value during a period of time, thanks to the statistical analysis of a historic series of your quotes. Is means that can assess the above-mentioned risk level: if is very volatile, for example, is difficult predict the behavior what generates increased uncertainty.
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  •  Investment policy: makes reference to the strategy of investment that leaves to follow, as well as to the types of assets in which thinks invest. Reflects the type of risk that is prepared to assume, the saving that wants obtain and other needs.
  • Country risk: is necessary to take into account always where invests. Thus, for example, the investments made in countries emerging have a risk add-on that drift of the possible instability economic, social and policy.
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