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With our tools you be plainer.

Have a ‘dinero extra’ and want make profitable it? An option optimal for this is invest it, since have it stopped not you brings no benefit. The market offers several options depending on the aim that wishes reach and the risk level that is prepared to assume. For this reason, is important know good the product or products in which finally leaves to invest.

One of the options more recommended, for your liquidity, taxation and position in different assets financial are the investment funds. In BBVA offer to the customer a wide range of they, together with tools that you help to choose. Discover them in this item and plunge to save with our investment funds .

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Choose the best investment fund for your needs.

Investment fund search engine

This tool, that shows the wide funds catalog of BBVA, allows filter the search depending on different parameters as the category or the geographical area of investment. Once chooses, find detailed information on the type, in what invests, your risk profile or whom goes directed, among others. 

Investment fund comparison tool

The tool, as your own name points out, tries help to compare several investment funds (four at the most) for do the best choice. Informa, for example, of the category, profitability, risk and fees of the elements compared, what support namely if really the funds introduced are comparable between yes and, in such a case, support to carry out the best choice on the basis of all the parameters that must analyze in the contracting of an investment fund.

Investment fund calculator

Carries out a simulation fictitious and knows first-hand what be save with an investment fund specific. Simply owe include the category, the amount that invest in a periodical way and the term. The tool you offers the result that obtain of bet for that product. Take into account that the result of an investment can be gain or loss of value and vary on the basis of the risk level chosen.

Investment calculator

Is a tool that support to simulate which be the profitability obtained (positive or negative) with a saving combined in initial investment (and periodical). Allows select the amount of both, as well as the cadence, the term and the yearly profitability that aspires to obtain depending on the risk profile of the investment. All in all, support to plan the saving.
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Fund Finder
Discover the BBVA investment fund catalog.
Finally, has BBVA Invest, a service of counseling personalized that you support to select the funds depending on the risk profile of investment, and with My Investments so that can follow the evolution of your investment.
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Investment funds - Tools Investment funds - Tools

Investment fund tools

  • The BBVA investment fund calculator helps you to find out the returns you can get with your savings.
  • You don't know which investment fund best suits your needs? Our comparison tool will help you choose the best option.
  • Find the best investment fund in which to invest your savings and start to get a return on your money.
  • Calculate the returns of an investment quickly and easily using the calculator we provide you.