How to set up a standing order

How program a standing order
Here are the steps you need to follow to set up a standing order. To carry out any transfer, regardless of whether it is one-time or recurring, you must use the following steps:
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  • Go to and use your username and password to login to the private area.
  • Position the mouse over the account from which you want to send the transfer.
  • Select the “I Want” button, then the “Perform internal/external transfers” option.
  • Select the “External transfers” or “Transfer between my own accounts” option.
  • Enter the IBAN and the recipient, or choose a contact already saved in your address book.

Select the amount you want to transfer, then the type of operation from among the following:

  • One-time: if you select this option you will then have to choose one of the following three types:
    • Now: if you want to carry out a single transfer right away.
    • Same-day: These transfers are faster than regular ones, and they also allow the transfer to be credited into a recipient account at another financial institution. This option is available if performed on business days (Monday-Friday, except for holidays) before 2:00 p.m. and the transfer is within the SEPA area (the 28 EU countries plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, and Switzerland).
    • Later: this option lets you schedule your one-time transfer by selecting the sending date.
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  • Periodic: this lets you perform recurring transfers with a specific frequency:
    • Frequency: you can select your frequency as:
      • Monthly
      • Quarterly.
      • Annual.
      • Others: weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly.
    • Start date for payments: you will have to select the date on which you want the transfers to begin.
    • End date for payments: you also have the option of specifying when you want the transfers to stop, although to do this you will have to select one of the following three options:
      • Indefinite: The transfer will be carried out as long as you have not changed this option.
      • Select date: you must enter the end date for the transfers.
      • Number of payments: if you prefer, you can specify the number of transfers to be made from your account instead of an end date.
  • Finally, you will have to enter a code in order to confirm the operation, which you will receive via an SMS message.

So much if is punctual as though is periodical, reminded that the customer can carry out these transfers from anywhere and provided that it needs, good from or through BBVA's app.  

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