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We tell you what bank accounts without fees consist of and who they are aimed for
A fee-free account is one with no administration and/or maintenance fees. It is also usually linked to the waiver of other fees related to a customer's everyday banking transactions, such as transfers, depositing and issuing national checks, annual card issue/maintenance fees, etc.
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There are different types of accounts without fees based on criteria relating to the customer activity (specific accounts for self-employed workers....), criteria relating to age (under 18 years old...), criteria relating to the channel used for opening the account (online....).

BBVA offers different types of accounts that can be opened online and are designed to suit all types of needs.

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No account or card fees.

Learn about the Online Fee-Free Account
By meeting the conditions, you will be able to enjoy a fee-free account, free transfers to any bank and from any device, €0 administration and maintenance fees and cash withdrawals at more than 6,000 BBVA ATMs. Furthermore, there are added benefits, such as credit or debit cards, and many more BBVA products, including loans and mortgages. If you are not yet a customer, find out about the Online Fee-Free Account and enjoy all the advantages of BBVA.
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  • They help identify the bank receiving a transfer, thus ensuring the security of the process.
  • We've made available several online features to make your banking easier, no matter where you are.
  • Transfer times vary. We'll explain all the aspects involved in this banking transaction.
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