Advantages of BBVA's mobile banking

Learn about the main advantages BBVA offers you when operating from your cell phone
New technologies now allow us manage our accounts at any time, and from any location. BBVA mobile banking is committed to letting you do more transactions online from your smartphone, all in a quick and easy manner. To make this possible, BBVA offers its BBVA España app, which is designed for your everyday accounts and transactions.
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BBVA España

The BBVA España application is useful for carrying out your most typical operations. You will have a new customer access system used to enter your accounts and view all of your information and transactions. All of this in an instant, from your Android or Apple smartphone.
BBVA's app you allows contract new products or manage present ones. Can contact your personal manager (with My Conversations) or sign contracts from a distance (Signature from a distance electronics). Moreover, has functionalities made for do you the life easier as the one which you allows pay by direct debit your bills, pay with the cell phone or achieve cash from this (Mobile Cash ).
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More applications

BBVA has more than just apps for individuals, it also offers some of these innovative tools for your company, such as the BBVA Net Cash app for managing your business from wherever you may be, and BBVA SmartPay, which lets you use your cell phone as a POS terminal.

BBVA's applications represent an alternative screen to, and they are replacing the older channel. This is in order to offer you a much more complete and innovative experience that makes it easier to operate using your own cell phone.

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