Virtual piggy bank: save almost effortlessly

Goals Account, the account designed for saving.

Saving requires planning and a lot of willpower. Today, thanks to new technologies, planning has become much easier. In fact, today there is a wide range of revolutionary mobile apps to make different areas of life easier. 

Without a doubt, one of these areas is saving money. Apps offer several advantages such as managing your accounts efficiently, creating budgets, and seeing breakdowns of your spending. All of these things are now possible. 

For example, you can access the BBVA Goals Account via the BBVA app, a virtual piggy bank to help you save effortlessly. Creating a piggy bank is simple: simply give it a name and set a target amount and date. And, want to know the best thing? You can start a piggy bank for as many savings goals as you like.

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How do you transfer your saved money?

Once you have set your savings goals, it is time to decide how to approach them. There are two ways: manually and automatically. In the first approach, you are the one who transfers the money based on your selected plan. In the second approach, you set up regular automatic payments and forget about your goal until you have reached it. This approach is much easier as you do not have to constantly think about saving. 

To help you with the second option, BBVA offers its Set up your account tool. This tool lets you activate a series of rules to automate transfers from your paycheck, month-end balance, or extra money from your budgets created with Bconomy. It also lets you set a maximum account balance limit (any surplus amounts will be transferred to a virtual piggy bank) and minimum balance limit (which works in the opposite way). Furthermore, you can apply the Rounding Off to make microsavings. This works by saving the difference in cents between the total amount and the next whole number in euros whenever you make a debit card purchase. 

In addition, the BBVA Goals Account lets you review all your transactions, transfer money to other accounts, and delete a goal if you no longer need it.

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BBVA Goals account
The account that helps you achieve your savings goals.

Savings progress

Based on the goals you have created in your virtual piggy bank, the account generates a series of notifications about your progress toward achieving each goal

Specifically, you'll receive a total of three notifications: when you reach 60% of your goal, your target date, and when you finally achieve it. Of course, please remember that you can access your money at any time.

What are the conditions for the account?

As this account is designed to help you save, there are no fees. Likewise, as this is a savings account, you cannot use it to set up direct billing for your paycheck, deposits, or bills. Also, there is no card associated with this account.
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