How can you automate your financial life?

An easy way to save.

Talking about saving money tends to conjure up negative ideas: difficult, impossible, etc. But, is it really that difficult or is our approach simply all wrong? Or, put another way: If a strategy fails after several attempts, isn't it time to change tack? 

The internet offers a wide range of options based on your needs. Likewise, BBVA offers alternatives that work in the opposite way. In other words, the money is transferred out of your checking account as soon as it is deposited (without having to wait to see how much you have saved at the end of the month). As this process is automatic, you do not see the money and, therefore, are less likely to spend it. These are known as pre-saving strategies.

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Use the six rules and achieve your goals quickly and easily

Managing your spending

A good option for saving money is to use the 50/30/20 rule, which is based on pre-defined proportions. This rule works by allocating specific proportions of your income into three different groups. 50% is set aside for everyday costs (e.g., household payments and food), 30% for personal expenses, and 20%, for savings. Bconomy makes it easy to analyze this distribution. 

What's more, if you need to put more than 20% toward your savings, you can use the Set up your account service to automate the savings process and gain greater control of your money

It offers tools for different purposes, such as saving part of your paycheck (by reserving a percentage at the beginning of the month) and saving any extra money from your budgets. In addition, you can set a minimum and maximum balance for your accounts and apply the rounding off rule on purchases made with your card. This microsavings tool makes it easy to gradually build up your piggy bank. What's more, there are no fees whatsoever.

Controls your money

The control of the money also is important. The management of our expenses requires, moreover, that have a control of the same at all times . For this, BBVA offers to your customers a series of functionalities additional, to use so much from as from BBVA's app, that you allow be aware of your economy without need of leave home

Thus, if what wishes is know all your movements, owes choose ‘Me day by day ’, if what looks for is carry out an estimate of the expenses and unrealized incomes (for know the money of the one which arrange or in which owes reduce), the tool that requires is ‘Movements Intended’, and if what wants is mark new objectives of saving, your better choice is ‘My Aims’. But if want take out him the maximum yield to these functionalities the better choice is that you bring all your bills to BBVA, for what have our Removals service , which you help to do it of easy way and fast. 

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