Transfer of investment funds

Get up to €10,000 for transferring your fund to BBVA

  • Transfer a fund from another bank to BBVA and get up to 1.5% of the amount transferred.


    • A gross bonus of 1.5% of the amount transferred to the Quality Inversión Conservadora, Quality Inversión Moderada, Quality Inversión Decidida or Quality Mejores Ideas funds, with a 30-month commitment.
    • A gross bonus of 1% of the amount transferred to the Mi Objetivo 2021, Mi Objetivo 2026 or Mi Objetivo 2031 funds, with an 18-month commitment.
    • The maximum bonus is €10,000 gross per account holder.

Choose a fund from the Quality Inversión range to get a 1.5% bonus.

Choose a fund from the Ciclo de Vida range to get a 1% bonus.

How to make the transfer

    • If you are a BBVA customer, you can make the transfer online when you invest in one of the funds in the promotion. When you sign up for the fund, we will ask you to tell us which fund, in another bank, the money comes from.
    • If you're not a BBVA customer, become a customer online or fill out the information request form and we will call you to answer your questions or to arrange an appointment at a BBVA branch.

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