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Department specializing in comparing, selecting and monitoring the most notable funds from leading international managers worldwide 

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  • Proprietary selection process that balances quantitative and qualitative research, in which risk control and sustainability factors play a key role.
  • We want to identify funds that, due to their historical returns and risk, are the most consistent in the long term, to determine if they can be repeated in the future.
  • We track funds continuously to ensure that the ones we make available to you continue to deserve our long-term confidence.

Quality Funds Methodology

The number of international funds registered in Spain is very high, so to reach the group of international funds we select requires a robust methodology that takes into consideration various aspects:

  • Quantitative selection criteria: our internal quantitative model identifies the most consistent funds in each category based on their historical returns and risk data.
  • Qualitative selection criteria: we focus on those funds that stand out for their long-term consistency to understand how funds obtain their results, how much experience the management teams have, how they make their investment decisions and what risk controls they have in place.
  • Due Diligence: we have a comprehensive process to make sure that both the management company and the funds have a robust model to control operational risks, beyond those of the market and asset, and thus deserve our confidence. At Quality Funds, we analyze the global risk, which is why all the agents involved (management, custodian, depository, and fund) must pass our Due Diligence. It is important for the fund manager to have proper risk management guidelines for the positions taken by its analysts. Also relevant are the functions of the other entities we study, such as the Custody bank (which is where the financial assets purchased by a manager are deposited) and the Administrator (responsible for calculating the net asset value).

Quality funds team

A team of over 30 professionals with extensive experience and specific functions:

  • Selection: At Quality Funds, we have a large team of specialized selectors who are in continuous contact with the fund managers. By using a proprietary methodology, we analyze those funds that stand out due to their long-term consistency, and we study how to explain these results to determine if they can be repeated in the future.
  • Due Diligence: Because we know that peace of mind is key when investing, proper risk control is as or more important than good results. That is why our Due Diligence team plays such a key role in the selection process.
  • Customer solutions and experience: we want to help you make the best international fund investment decisions. That is why we work every day to give you all the knowledge of our Selection and Due Diligence teams.

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