BBVA Stock Broker

A service that offers you a specific rate

To be used in certain Spanish stock market transactions.
  • Manage your investments online.
  • Access to specialized stock market information.
  • From €5 fee per transaction.

Operate in the stock market and in securities

  • The BBVA Stock Broker service offers you one of BBVA's best rates to invest, using and our app, in stocks or ETFs listed on the Spanish stock market. The cost of each transaction will depend on the amount of the same:
Amount Transaction fees
Up to €1,999.99
Transaction fees
Between €2,000 and €19,999.99
Transaction fees
Over €20,000
Transaction fees
€10 + 0.25% of the amount that exceeds €20,000

These fees do not include levies or other charges that may be applied by Stock Exchanges.

The previous rate includes an excess: BBVA Stock Broker applies from the 3rd trade each year (the first 2 are executed with the standard rate in force at any given time), unless more than 20 trades are executed during the year, in which case this excess will not be applied.

Specialist tools

  • Access the BBVA Stock Broker service at This service offers:

    • Stock listings of the world's biggest stock exchanges.
    • Technical and fundamental analysis of each of these.
    • The latest market news.

What are the requirements?

  • Requirements

    • Have a BBVA Securities Account and associated checking account.

    • To enjoy the BBVA Stock Broker Rate, you must sign up for the BBVA Stock Broker service.

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