BBVA Trader

An advanced online trading platform for investing in stocks and securities.

  • Operates with a wide variety of products.
  • Flexible rates automatically adapted to your operations: the more you trade, the less you pay.
  • Improve your knowledge with our training courses.

Invest in the market using the best tools

  • BBVA Trader is the trading platform provided by BBVA for you to trade on the stock exchange quickly, easily and intuitively using either of the two modalities available:

    • BBVA Trader (basic level): free platform available online through any web browser, offering the major trading services.
    • BBVA Trader Pro (advanced level): customizable, offering a wide range of specialized tools.

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  • Open a BBVA Trader account. If you sign up for this promotion before 12/31/2020, you'll get:

    • Special rates: national market for €3 and international market for €10 until 03/31/2021*.
    • Promotion valid for existing or new customers who do not hold any securities with BBVA.

    *Special launch fees corresponding to a promotion. Promotion valid for new customers or for customers who transfer a securities account from another bank, or who do not have securities deposited with BBVA. To receive this promotion, once you have registered as a customer in BBVA Trader, please email indicating your Tax ID number (NIF). Offer valid for customers who sign up through 12/31/2020. The special rates are good through 03/31/2021. These fees exclude charges applied by stock markets and other rates, taxes or tariffs set by the competent authorities for each instrument or market. 

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Wide range of investment products

    • National and international stockMore information.
    • ETFs from the world's main fund managers. More information.
    • Warrants (inline, multi, stay, turbo and bonus) from various issuers. More information.
    • Futures from both Europeans and American markets and for a multitude of underlying assets, such as indexes, stock, currencies, fixed income securities and interest rates (MEFF, Eurex, CME and CBOT). More information.
    • Meff and Eurex options on the main stocks and indexes. More information.

For whom is it intended?

  • BBVA Trader is a platform for executing orders. The financial instruments traded on this platform are high or very high risk, and are mostly complex in nature, so they are only suitable for customers who are willing to take losses and are able to understand their characteristics, how they work and their risks.

    If you consider yourself an investor who is only able to assume low or moderate risks, we do not advise you to operate with the financial instruments offered by this platform. Instead, we suggest you view the BBVA website, where BBVA Broker is available to you.

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