BBVA EstarSeguro Plan

BBVA contract Plan EstarSeguro from the cell phone or

Unifies your insurance in an only bill and saves up to 15%.

Without interests, without fees and without extra costs.
  • Combine your policies and pay in installments at no cost.
  • The more policies you include, the more you save.
  • Request it conveniently through your smartphone.

What is the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan?

  • Groups all BBVA'sinsurance, break up them in 12 months without cost and achieves save up to 15%. You can sign up easily at or on the BBVA app. For enjoy it is necessary the card contracting Plan EstarSeguro.
    Eligible policies
    In BBVA Plan EstarSeguro can include the insurance of car, motorbike, home, health, life and accidents. Moreover, can include more than an insurance of the same product provided that are the policy holder of the policy. 
    Save up to 15%

    Be able to save from the second surely include. The more policies you have, the more you'll save on your insurance bill.

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