Find out about how to reduce your carbon footprint

With simple actions, you can make your way of consuming energy more environmentally friendly.

Keep a comfortable temperature at home

You could save 8% on your bill for every degree change.

How can I reduce the amount of energy I use?

The use of heat pumps in winter and air conditioning in summer has a significant impact on electricity consumption.

Try these ideas to optimize your use of these systems and reduce consumption while maintaining a pleasant environment: 

  • Keep the temperature at 20 ºC or 21 ºC in winter. Every additional degree causes an 8% increase in your bill.
  • In summer, keep air conditioning at 24 ºC or 25 ºC. Although using it at 26 °C is better for health. 
  • Turn these appliances off when your home is empty. 

By implementing these changes, you will be able to save energy without sacrificing comfort in your home.

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