Find out about how to reduce your carbon footprint

With simple actions, you can make your way of consuming energy more environmentally friendly.

Travel on public transportation on a daily basis

You could reduce your emissions by 65% to 75%

How can I reduce my fuel consumption?

The fuel consumed by our private vehicles on daily trips can account for 50% of the energy we consume. 

Take these ideas into account to reduce use: 

  • Remember that electric transport is more efficient than vehicles that use fossil fuels. If you use the metro and train, you can reduce your emissions between 65% and 75%.
  • When there is no public transport, try carpooling. With 3 or more occupants, a car's emissions are distributed in a similar way to when traveling by bus.
  • Use electric mobility rental services such as scooters, bicycles, or cars if they are available in your city.

By implementing these changes, you will help curb both carbon emissions and traffic problems, especially at peak times.

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